Cell Phones, MRIs, Wi-Fi Cause Microleakage of Dental Amalgam Fillings

Linda J. Dobberstein, Chiropractor, Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition

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Cell Phones, MRIs, Wi-Fi Cause Microleakage of Dental Amalgam Fillings
Research in the last few years has brought a new revelation regarding the safety of EMF exposure like MRI scans, cell phones, Wi-Fi and its affect on dental amalgam fillings. Increasing exposure to electrical devices and EMFs over the recent decades has led to the study of mercury “microleakage” as a result of silver dental fillings exposed to common electromagnetic fields or EMFs.

New science demonstrates that mercury-dental amalgam fillings leach out micro-levels of mercury when exposed to EMFs and challenges the notion that EMFs and dental amalgam fillings are harmless. The results are prompting a call for more studies. Because EMFs are a part of everyday life, you need to be aware of some of these recent findings. More importantly, it is necessary to know how to prevent and counteract the effects on the body.

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MRI and Mobile Phone Effects on Dental Fillings

Research published in 2008 evaluated the effects of MRI and cell phone exposure in non-pregnant college students and dental amalgam fillings. The students had not used a mobile phone before the study and did not have amalgam fillings. Half of the students then received dental work with amalgam fillings. Mercury levels were measured prior to the dental work and then measured again several times days after the fillings were placed combined with cell phone usage and MRI exposure. The control group which did not have a dental filling placed was evaluated in the same manner. The findings of the study demonstrated that MRI and mobile phone EMF exposure significantly released mercury from dental amalgam/silver fillings compared to the control group.

The growing demand for electricity, technological advancements, and personal use of wireless technologies has led to a growing concern about possible health effects by the World Health Organization. EMFs are produced with the motion of electrons. They are generated by all electronic devices including wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, mobile phones and cordless phones, laptop computers, microwave ovens and power lines. Medical exposures like MRIs and X-rays are also included.

A 2014 study evaluated high-field MRI, 1.5T exposure and mercury release from silver dental fillings. A 1.5T MRI has a stronger magnetic field due to its higher definition of imaging and is in common use at larger medical centers. Scientists studied two groups of students with identical tooth decay patterns that required similar dental restoration. Both groups underwent dental repair with amalgam fillings. One group underwent a conventional MRI, 1.5T without contrast. The other group had no MRI exposure. The students who had MRI exposure with the fillings had increase mercury levels in their urine for three days after the MRI whereas the other group had decreased levels of mercury in their urine. These findings provided evidence that MRI exposure caused a higher level of mercury to be released from their silver dental fillings.

Autism Risk, Pregnancy, EMFs and Mercury Fillings Hypothesis

The Journal of Biomedical Physics & Engineering published a study in March 2016 that introduced a hypothesis pertaining to the effects of mercury from dental amalgam fillings and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and autism. The authors of this article completed research at the Ionizing and Non-ionizing Radiation Protection Research Center (INIRPRC), Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS), Shiraz, Iran. They have performed extensive experiments on the health effects of exposure of animal models and humans to different sources of electromagnetic fields such as cellular phones, mobile base stations, mobile phone jammers, laptop computers, radars, dentistry cavitrons, and MRI. They have found strong association between EMFs from these various devices and the increased release of mercury vapors from dental amalgam fillings.

Dental amalgam or silver fillings are approximately 50 percent elemental mercury. The population seen most affected by this very low level of exposure are maternal exposures. The EMF exposure appears to cause microleakage of mercury from the dental amalgams which are released into circulation. Women who are pregnant transfer this mercury exposure to the unborn child through the umbilical cord. Their hypothesis is that expecting mothers with dental amalgam (silver) fillings exposed to EMF fields may cause elevated levels of mercury and possibly trigger the increase in autism rates. The scientific recommendation at this time is for pregnant women to limit exposure to EMF fields.

Wi-Fi Exposure and Amalgams

A July 2016 study examined the effects of Wi-Fi devices on mercury release from dental amalgam fillings. Scientists exposed extracted human teeth with amalgam fillings in artificial saliva to a Wi-Fi router at 30 centimeters and a laptop that was 20 meters away from the router. The study results demonstrated a statistically significant increase in mercury release, double of what the control group had without Wi-Fi exposure. Their conclusion was that “exposure of patients with amalgam restoration to radiofrequency radiation emitted from the conventional Wi-Fi devices can increase mercury release from amalgam restorations.”

Mercury Microleakage Creates Mitochondria and Oxidative Stress

Organic, elemental mercury or methylmercury exposure is a physiology game changer on very subtle levels for the central nervous system and the endocrine system. These subtle exposures often occur with such innocuous, low level exposures that one fails to see the shifting patterns. It is like watching the bank of a river ebb away very slowly from the river stream. It creates severe cellular free radical stress and adversely affects mitochondria function. It puts a great strain on the nervous system.

Critical Supplements for Prevention and Protection

Protecting against mercury especially methylmercury needs to be the immediate focus for EMFs and dental amalgam microleakage. Omega-3 DHA works to help prevent this neurotoxic response from occurring. Pretreatment with DHA was found to protect nerve cells against mercury exposure. Molecular distillation of fish oil supplements removes environmental contaminants like methylmercury in the fish. Thus, it provides a clean source of protection without the worries of mercury exposure to tuna or salmon as part of the food chain. Amalgam fillings and cell phone, laptop, or other EMF exposures provides yet one more reason why DHA supplementation is so critical during pregnancy.

R-alpha lipoic acid is widely used for protecting the nervous system from oxidative stress and detoxification. Several studies have shown that lipoic acid use prior to the exposure reduces toxic effects of the mercury. Mercury toxicity ravages the glutathione stores and depletes N-acetyl-cysteine, lipoic acid, and selenium.

Intake of the blue-green super food, chlorella protects against mercury exposure. Chlorella is used to bind onto toxic methylmercury and can protect the expecting mother and unborn child. Children and adults of all ages may use this to protect the brain and body from the microleakage of amalgams from EMF exposures.

Mercury toxicity affects other tissues in the body too, especially kidney function. The kidneys are major targets of mercury damage. It is noted this damaging inflammation causes decreased lab values of serum albumin and triglycerides and increased total cholesterol and increase neutrophils, a type of white blood cell. Research demonstrates that omega-3 DHA fish oil protects against much of the damage induced by mercury exposure to the kidneys.

These few studies provide us with a warning sign pertaining to EMF exposure and the silver dental fillings in our teeth. Cell phone use, wireless landlines, laptops, common household electrical appliances, and city wide Wi-Fi surrounds us. MRI use is expected for many diagnostic procedures without mention of these possible effects. The microleakage and methylmercury toxicity affecting the nervous system has created concerns for those who are the most vulnerable – pregnant women and their unborn children.

Secondarily, it focuses on those who are highly sensitive to chemicals. I believe that the predicament we face is bigger than that. How many millions of individuals have amalgam fillings in their mouth, use cell phones, sleep with cell phones next to their bed or have Wi-Fi throughout their house, work, and transportation, and are experiencing the effects? Mitochondrial disorders, neurodegenerative disorders in the young and old, kidney disorders, are on the rise.

We can’t strip all of this technology out of our lives or escape its reaches, but we can take this knowledge and make sure that we fortify ourselves and put the odds in our favor. We can be diligent and ensure our body’s detoxification processes are supported as much as possible. If you have to go through medical testing like an MRI, then protective support is critical prior to and after the event for several days, or see if other methods of testing may be used instead that may provide fewer challenges.

If you have a mouthful of amalgams and use Wi-Fi or wireless phones, reconsider the use and amount. Consider removal of the amalgams thru a holistic dentist who specializes in safe amalgam removal. “Vintage technology” with phone landlines and internet service provides less hazardous exposure. Certainly, if you know that you have methylation defects which impair the body’s ability to detoxify, are chemically sensitive, perhaps have a family history of autism disorders, have ongoing fatigue, worsening memory, and mysterious symptoms that come and go, then you need to question your safety with EMF and mercury exposure. Strong research demonstrates the benefits and protection of DHA, R- lipoic acid, chlorella, N-acetyl-cysteine, and selenium for those at risk. Make sure you have beefed up your arsenal to address the toxicity of today’s technology and risks.

Nutrient Support

DHA – Studies demonstrate that omega-3 fish oil DHA protects the brain from EMF and neurotoxic forms of methylmercury. Research also shows that it is protective to the kidneys that also suffer harm as a result of mercury exposure and trying to remove it from the body. Adequate intake during pregnancy and postpartum care is vital to protect infants from the effects of these toxic exposures. Adolescents and adults also need DHA, simply for the daily EMF stress. Use only molecularly distilled omega-3 DHA. This eliminates the concern of mercury toxicity that may be found in the food supply with fish.

Lipoic Acid – R-Alpha Lipoic Acid provides immediate detoxification support and protection to mitochondria pertaining to numerous toxins like methylmercury and oxidative stress. It helps with the production of glutathione, the main antioxidant enzyme system vital for protection against methylmercury.

B vitamins – Several B vitamins like B2, B3, B6, B12, folate, and choline are required for methylation and detoxification. Stress, medications, compromised diets, and numerous other factors rapidly deplete B vitamins out of the body. B vitamin deficiencies are extremely common. Methylation defects require natural, coenzyme forms of B vitamins, like methylcobalmin, folate, and pyridoxal-5-phosphate.

Chlorella – This blue-green superfood is well-known for its support of detoxification. We offer a single cell, fresh water chlorella with a thin, semi-permeable cell wall to provide superior nutrition and detoxification. This chlorella is grown indoors in a sealed, sterilized environment to allow the highest quality available. Chlorella contains several naturally occurring vitamins and minerals making it a vibrant tool for nourishment and vitality.

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