Candida Problems Evolving

April 7, 2009 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Candida Problems Evolving
Candida albicans is a normal inhabitant of your digestive tract and sinuses. Candida glabrata1 is a normal inhabitant on your skin. New research is showing that Candida glabrata1 is turning increasingly more hostile, can rapidly change its genome to become drug resistant, and is increasingly more of a problem to individuals with compromised immunity.

The overuse of antibiotics by the medical profession has not only created super strains of bacteria but an epidemic of Candida overgrowth – an imbalanced situation at the root of many digestive problems, chronic sinus problems, skin problems, poor quality of health, and poor mood.

Once a Candida albicans problem sets up shop and is treated with drugs, it sets the stage for Candida glabrata1 to move in. Thus we have a situation wherein incompetent medicine has bred increasingly infectious versions of formerly friendly organisms. The medical strategy is justified in the minds of doctors as it brings temporary relief to the situation. This short-sighted approach to health has created a bubble, just like the housing bubble, wherein one day soon there will be few drug options to treat hostile bacteria or Candida – leaving millions of elderly, babies and infants, and others with compromised immunity in the lurch.

The moral of the story is don't let yourself get run down and in a weakened state. Don't consume excess amounts of sugar, junk fats (especially chips), or alcohol, which feed Candida problems. Candida only thrives in weak body tissue. Yes, you can help yourself by using natural Candida balancing compounds that help promote healthier digestive terrain – but you must also repair body tissues so they are stronger – which is the long term key to staying out of harms way.

Symptoms in your digestive tract and sinuses are the first areas to get under control. Working on rejuvenation-oriented nutrition is invariably the long-term solution – along with a program of aerobic and strength conditioning. There is no short cut to being healthy and being resistant to the nasty bugs that have been given a major boost by the misguided and inappropriate use of Western medicine.

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