Candida Biofilms Grow on Retainers and Braces

March 30, 2011 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Candida Biofilms Grow on Retainers and Braces
While there can be many reasons for teen behavior taking a sour turn, one variable that has always intrigued me is the onset of irritable and anti-social behavior following the use of braces and retainers. A just published study shows that 67% of retainers1 tested contained Candida albicans biofilms (hostile germ gangs), an obvious reservoir of a nasty infection that can infect and re-infect the individual.

Previously researchers have proven that Candida biofilms grow on braces2, a problem that is worse if the individual starts out with a baseline of Candida in the mouth3. This problem is a significant health concern for over 50% of those wearing braces.

Teens with a history of antibiotics, a high-sugar junk food diet, and high stress are more likely to be at risk.

It is somewhat “normal” for biofilms of Candida or other potentially infectious bacteria to grow on non-self structures attached to self. It is likely an attempt to “digest” or decompose the foreign attachment. However, Candida in the mouth readily travels to the sinus cavity and can cause ongoing sinus problems. Candida in the mouth is swallowed, and if stomach acid does not kill it, a person runs the risk for setting up Candida gangs in their digestive tract and a possible life-long struggle with health.

Candida makes a toxin called acetaldehyde, that readily crosses the blood-brain barrier and makes a person feel irritable, grumpy, foggy, and even depressed. It can be like looking at life through a toxic pair of sunglasses.

Taking extra steps to ensure the retainers are clean is highly recommended, along with extra care in cleaning teeth and braces. Be alert for sinus or digestive problems flaring up or worsening and take anti-Candida steps as needed. Quite possibly, an adverse change in mood may be the first clue that your child is having a problem.

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