Bone-Drug Crisis Faces American Women

January 15, 2008 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Bone-Drug Crisis Faces American Women
Today researchers from the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute released a study showing that popular bone drugs triple the risk for the death of bone tissue, resulting in pain and disfigurement. This new information helps to explain the recent FDA warning on debilitating pain from these drugs.

The fact that the FDA has allowed the wide-spread promotion of these extremely toxic bone poisons in the name of preventive health is a betrayal of trust and dereliction of duty. I have warned for many years of the extreme dangers of these drugs based on their obvious mode of biochemistry activity. Understanding this issue, for anyone who understands bone science, is a no-brainer. Certainly FDA scientists could have figured this out years ago and probably did (their warnings are routinely silenced by FDA mangers who are soon to become high paid drug company execs).

Idiotic doctors backed by their Big Pharma sponsors and perverted medical licensing boards keep forcing these poisons on women, even while the crisis unfolds in full public view. There is plenty of diserved blame to equally go around – the FDA, the AMA, Big Pharma, and prescribing physicians. This cartel did the same thing with estrogen, which I also warned about for 15 years before they answered up to their sins of killing hundreds of thousands of women with horse urine extract. And they are doing it today with these bone drugs as well as statin drugs to lower cholesterol. The bottom line is that no person can trust the medical profession, especially when it comes to preventive health. It is little more than a fear-mongering drug cartel run by the revolving-door FDA management and top Big Pharma and AMA execs (beholden to a golden idol, not your health).

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