Big Pharma Exposes Americans to Unknown Risks

April 25, 2008 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Big Pharma Exposes Americans to Unknown Risks
Big Pharma has learned a painful lesson: trying to prove a drug is safe is more likely to prove it is not and thus it will be removed from the market or its use curtailed. Big Pharma’s solution to this problem is to not do the post marketing follow up studies that are required by law. These are vital because the initial drug approval seldom ever accurately portrays how the drug will behave in “prime time.”

Bloomberg reports that over 1000 post marketing safety studies that Big Pharma is obligated to perform haven’t even started! Meanwhile, the same companies are aggressively pushing these drugs for use in an off label manner – intentionally exposing citizens to unknown risks without proven benefits. Big Pharma has plenty of money to run ads. If congress had even a small amount of integrity it would prevent any advertising on drugs unless they have completed a post marketing safety analysis. Such a simple idea would prevent new blockbusters from becoming deadly – as in the 50,000 killed by Vioxx.

The scope of the drug-related safety problem in America is simply mind-boggling. Do whatever you can to be healthy, with the goal of not needing to use drugs whenever possible. There are natural solutions for almost any problem.

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