Are Antioxidants Safe?

April 21, 2008 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Are Antioxidants Safe?
A recent Danish study was intended to raise doubt amongst antioxidant consuming Americans. It has been widely circulated in the Big-Pharma sponsored mainstream media – which is typical.

Antioxidants are the foundation of health for every cell in your body. If you don't have enough your cells will die faster and generate inflammation at much higher rates – aging your body faster. Nothing about this simple fact has ever changed – nor will it. Boosting your diet with high quality dietary supplements containing antioxidants is common sense.

It is unfortunate that there are those on this planet who are adamantly opposed to dietary supplements and are doing whatever they can to promote confusion and doubt in the minds of the supplement-taking public. Their agenda is political and has much more to do with promoting drug sales than any concern regarding your health.

Just as Big Pharma ghost writes the majority of the articles that promote its drugs, they also pay for disinformation campaigns using published studies that are flawed. This campaign took on new vigor several years ago when the American Heart Association decided to attack vitamin E because not enough people would take statins.

The anti-vitamin movement in our country is closely associated with affiliated interests of the American Heart Association. It is linked on an international basis to a global movement to stamp out nutrients as a tool to stay healthy. Almost all of these bogus studies originate from Scandinavian countries – those at the forefront of the suppression of international health freedom. Sometimes they will be supported by their “friends” in Great Britain or Germany. Read my book, Fight for Your Health, if you want all the details.

Their current attack line is mostly about beta carotene, folic acid, or vitamin E. The studies they use to support their anti-vitamin agenda typically involve individuals in horrid health, on multiple medications, and using synthetic forms of the nutrients (which are derived from coal tar or other chemicals).

At Wellness Resources we do not use synthetic beta carotene, vitamin E, or folic acid. We use only high quality forms of nutrients that promote your health, the exact forms your body needs and knows how to use. High quality forms of nutrients are never tested in large trials – as drug companies like Bayer make synthetic beta carotene and are the ones who pay for studies that usually don't work (how can something from a chemical produce health).

Natural form antioxidants in the fruit, vegetables, and whole grains of your diet form the core of a good and healthy diet. Fine quality dietary supplements, like the tocotrienol form of vitamin E, offer unparalleled health protection. Do not let a black propaganda campaign cloud your reasoning. Antioxidants are vital for longevity, directly responsible for the rate at which your DNA and energy-producing systems can be repaired and maintained.

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