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Magnesium and Heart Rhythms

Magnesium is a key mineral for your nervous system, heart, and overall circulation. It is required in your heart to support the heart muscle’s normal contraction-relaxation pumping actions. Your heart also requires a tremendous amount of energy to work properly, and magnesium is needed in the final step of all energy synthesis (ATP production). Your arteries need magnesium is to properly relax, facilitating normal blood pressure function and thus making it easier for your heart to do its work. In your nerves, magnesium acts as a buffer against stress.*

Under strict metabolic experimental conditions, a diet restricted in magnesium was tested on 14 post menopausal women. Five of them developed poor heart-nerve function and displayed stressed electrical regulation of the heart. When magnesium was added back in heart-nerve function, heart rhythms returned to normal. Interestingly, the experimental magnesium deficient diet was not unlike what many Americans eat on a daily basis. A number of other studies show that magnesium supports normal heart rhythms.*

At Wellness Resources we use the finest magnesium chelates that are designed for better absorption, transport, and cellular uptake. Cheap magnesium oxide generates free radicals in metabolism and thus depletes your cardiovascular defense system. Our magnesium compounds provide direct support for improved muscle, nerve, and heart function. This is why true quality nutrition can make such a difference to your health. Two-thirds of our Muscle Mag supplement uses the anti-fatigue form of magnesium called magnesium malate -- an impressive compound to help you improve muscle fitness and maintain your energy level. Muscle Mag’s other third is magnesium glycinate, a nerve relaxant. Our RelaxaMag supplement contains the anti-tension magnesium glycinate, along with magnesium ascorbate (vitamin C) and magnesium Krebs chelates (assisting detoxification).*

Magnesium, like DHA, is commonly lacking in the American diet. These nutrients are the foundation for normal nerve- heart communication and fitness.*

  • Muscle Mag

    Magnesium is the most important mineral to relax the circulatory system and smooth out the nerve signals to the heart.* It helps quiet a feeling of tension, agitation, or irritation -- all factors that are stressful to the heart. Muscle Mag and/or RelaxaMag™ are excellent magnesium options.

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  • RelaxaMag
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    A unique magnesium formula to support sleep, stress tolerance, the normal sleep-wake cycle, and relaxation. This is a naturally relaxing, non-drowsy formula.*

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