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Adrenal Support Package

Adrenal Energy Package

  • Improve stress tolerance*
  • Increase energy production*
  • Support adrenals, mental clarity, and sleep*
  • Includes Adrenal Helper, Pantethine, and RelaxaMag

The Adrenal Energy Package contains three natural supplements that help the body better adapt to stress. These supplements contain nutrients, not hormones, that support healthy adrenal gland function. Whether you are wired or exhausted, these nutrients help the adrenal glands and nervous system better tolerate stress, increase energy production, and improve mood.*

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Top adrenal support supplements. Includes 1 bottle of each: Adrenal Helper (90 caps), Pantethine (90 caps), RelaxaMag (100 caps). Improves mental energy, stress tolerance, and mood.* Complimentary to the Thyroid Energy Package.

Adrenal Energy Package Supplement

The Adrenal Energy Package includes one bottle of each: Adrenal Helper (90 caps), Pantethine (90 caps), and RelaxaMag (100 caps). Improve stress tolerance, energy, and mood with these top adrenal support nutritional supplements.*

Adrenal Helper provides adaptogenic herbs that help your body bounce back from stress. It contains cordyceps, rhodiola, gamma oryzanol, holy basil, and eleutherococcus. Cordyceps helps energy production, stamina, and kidney, liver, brain, and adrenal health. Rhodiola supports exercise endurance and recovery, brain health and cognitive stamina, immune function, and stress management. Eleuthero extract, or Siberian ginseng, is well-known to help with adrenal burn-out and sleep deprivation effects. Gamma oryzanol helps protect against the metabolic effects of stress. It supports blood sugar health, heart health, and helps move fatty sludge through the liver.*

Pantethine is the bioactive form of vitamin B5 which is a prime fuel for adrenal health and energy production. It helps the adrenal glands naturally make energy and helps turn on morning energy. The nickname given to pantethine is "runner's high in a bottle". Pantethine also improves mental clarity as it helps to remove toxins like aldehyde from the brain. It has numerous other benefits for metabolism and heart health because of its ability to make coenzyme A (coA). CoA is a pivotal nutrient in at least 70 energy-related metabolic pathways, including those that make adrenal hormones. CoA is essential for the management and burning of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.*

RelaxaMag provides highly absorbable, non-irritating magnesium combined with glycine to help the body and nervous system relax without making you feel drowsy. Magnesium is needed for several hundred processes in the body. When you are under more stress, your body rapidly uses magnesium. Inadequate magnesium can lead to stress intolerance, poor sleep, bad moods, muscle soreness, and an inability to wind down from stress. RelaxaMag is a high quality magnesium supplement that naturally promotes relaxation and sleep quality.*

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