Take the Leptin Quiz

  1. Are you normal weight?

  2. Which of the following most closely describes your current state of health:

  3. Can you eat little and still not lose weight?

  4. Describe your snacking pattern:

  5. Do you eat a large meal within three hours of bed?

  6. Do you overeat at night, continuing to eat or munch after dinner is over?

  7. Describe your appetite:

  8. Do you spend too much time thinking about food?

  9. Do you experience periods of binge eating, stuffing yourself full of food?

  10. Do you succumb to food cravings, eating what you know you shouldn't?

  11. Do you develop a hyper-uncomfortable feeling, rapid heart beat, or trembling feeling when you get hungry?

  12. Do you slur words, feel mentally sluggish, or have trouble connecting thoughts when you haven't eaten?

  13. Describe your use of sweeteners:

  14. Do you eat in response to stress?

  15. Are you currently under considerable stress?



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