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Prenatal Iodine: Great for Intelligence

Iodine is essential for brain function and intelligence. Since 2001, there have been numerous studies showing the importance of iodine during pregnancy, not only to help your thyroid work better, but specifically for the cognitive and neurological development of your child.

It is important to understand that there is a window of time, especially the first half of pregnancy, wherein thyroid-dependent iodine function must be optimized for proper brain development. Unfortunately, if this nutritional need is not met during this critical time, nerve health may suffer irreversible consequences.

A December 2007 study on iodine and pregnancy concludes, "the birth of many children with learning disabilities may be prevented by advising women to take iodine supplements as soon as pregnancy starts, or earlier if possible, in order to ensure that their requirements for iodine are met."

The quality of iodine supplement also makes a huge difference. I recommend Iosol Iodine, a water soluble and uniquely bioactive form of iodine. It is far superior to iodized salt, potassium iodide, or kelp. Place 1 drop in a small amount of water and drink daily, prior to and during pregnancy.

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