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Fiber & Heart Health

Adequate dietary fiber is needed to naturally clear cholesterol, help eliminate toxins, help bowel regularity, and promote more stable blood sugar levels between meals. Many Americans lack adequate fiber for basic cardiovascular health. Also, people who are dieting tend to cut back on dietary fiber when they reduce carbohydrates, which can readily bring weight loss efforts to a screeching halt within a week.*

Your liver produces bile, which stores in your gall balder, and is released into your digestive tract to help digest fat. In your body's eloquent system of economy fat soluble toxins and extra cholesterol are also added to bile and sent into your digestive tract. Once there, dietary fiber binds up the waste products and extra cholesterol for excretion in your bowel movements. If you don't have adequate fiber both toxins and extra cholesterol can be reabsorbed, causing problems.*

Adequate dietary fiber ensures a more healthy relationship between your liver, digestion, and cholesterol. This strategy is one aspect of cholesterol fitness, and not the be-all and end-all approach to the subject. Your liver can easily make as much cholesterol as it wants, regardless of how much fiber you ingest or cholesterol you don't eat. The goal is to keep your liver happy.
Thus, if your liver has decided it wants to secrete some extra cholesterol into your digestive tract it is your job to make sure there is adequate fiber to promote its natural clearance.*

I have tested numerous fiber products over the years. Most of them are either hard to mix, taste awful, or are loaded with sweeteners of one kind or another. My Fiber Helper supplement solves all these problems. I use no sweeteners of any kind, yet the product has a mild oat flavor when mixed in water. I use three different kinds of fiber. Our oat beta glucan is designed to have a smooth mouth feel. Our small particle psyllium does not immediately form a large blob in your glass. And the arabinogalactan fiber completely dissolves and does not promote any gas formation. The result is an easy to use fiber product that mixes readily in water or the beverage of your choice. I often mix a heaping tablespoon in a protein drink for breakfast.*

The FDA recognizes the importance of adequate dietary fiber in the natural clearance of cholesterol and prevention of heart disease and so allows the following health claim on our Fiber Helper product:

"Soluble fiber from foods such as oats and psyllium, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. A serving of Fiber Helper supplies .75 grams of the needed 3 grams of oat beta glucan soluble fiber from oats and 3.5 grams of the needed 7 grams of soluble fiber from psyllium necessary per day to have this affect. Thus, 1 serving provides 75% of the soluble fiber per day for this FDA approved health claim.

  • Fiber Helper

    A pleasant tasting and easy to mix fiber that contains no sweeteners of any kind. Extra fiber is helpful to provide bulk (especially on a diet), help support healthy blood sugar, and help the GI tract clear toxins.* Our fiber contains oat beta-glucan for cardiovascular support.*

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