21st Century Thyroid

The Expanded View of Thyroid Health

by Byron J. Richards,
Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

  • Know common symptoms of low thyroid function
  • Why thyroid lab tests often miss thyroid gland distress
  • Your Functional Thyroid Quiz score
  • How digestive distress, toxins, and lymph congestion affect your thyroid
  • The best nutrients to improve thyroid and metabolism

ISBN-13: 978-1-933927-29-9, 211 pages, 6x9" paperback

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Thyroid hormone function is linked to energy, mood, body weight, digestion, blood sugar, reproductive health, immunity, and more. Seventy-five percent of Americans have obvious signs of thyroid-related distress. Many of these cases are undiagnosed.

If you wish to proactively manage your health, then understanding how thyroid hormones function is one of the most important steps you can take. Discover:

  • Why thyroid hormone lab tests often miss thyroid gland distress
  • Common symptoms that are related to thyroid function
  • Your Functional Thyroid Quiz score
  • How digestive distress, toxins, and lymph congestion affect your thyroid
  • The most important nutrients to improve thyroid function
  • How to reverse metabolic inefficiency


We are happy to share with you Byron Richards' book, Twenty-first Century Thyroid. Byron spent the last several years of his life writing this book. He saw it as the "work of his lifetime". Although unfinished by a few chapters, we feel that it contains valuable information that will help people improve their health.

Byron left an amazing legacy in the field of clinical nutrition and natural health. He was at the forefront of research on leptin and thyroid hormones and had a gift for explaining complex scientific information in an easy-to-understand way. For more than thirty years, Byron helped thousands of people improve thyroid function, hormone balance, metabolism, and more.

We are grateful for Byron’s work and will continue to share his vast health writings with individuals around the world. Our hope is that this book will make a difference in your life!

- The Richards Family

About the Author

Byron J. Richards was a nationally renowned Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and author of Mastering Leptin, The Leptin Diet, and Fight for Your Health. In his final book, he shines a new light on the importance of thyroid hormone function for a wide range of health issues. Byron helped thousands of individuals improve thyroid and metabolic issues for more than thirty years.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The New World of Thyroid

Chapter 2 - The Functional Thyroid Quiz

Chapter 3 - Understanding Your Quiz Results

Chapter 4 - Your Trajectory of Aging

Chapter 5 - The Power of Iodine

Chapter 6 - The Recipe for Thyroid Hormones

Chapter 7 - Protein Fitness Is Crucial for Thyroid Function

Chapter 8 - Anti-Aging Exercise for Thyroid Fitness

Chapter 9 - The Wonder of Human Timekeeping

Chapter 10 - Meal Timing and the Problem of Fake Starvation

Chapter 11 - Earning and Spending Your Way to Health

Chapter 12 - Building Your Power Grid

Chapter 13 - The Overlapping Problems of Aging and Toxins

Chapter 14 - Effective Detoxification

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