"I've listened to the classes in Level One three times each! Each time I learn more and more. It's all so interesting and beneficial to my health. Thank you!" – Dee N.

"I am thoroughly enjoying Byron's new Telecourse! He is brilliant and I am looking forward to the rest of the series!" – Linda W.

"Byron's classes are so much more advanced and give so much more practical information than I have ever found in my master's program. Not only is this amazing, I am paying 1/8 the amount with Byron and getting much more information in the teleseminar!" – Adriana B.

"How I loved the first class in Level One of the Telecourse! I am glad I am able to listen to it more than once. Thank you for providing the downloadable audio and printable notes for continued study." – Carol R.

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TeleseminarDo you take responsibility for your own health? Are you the guardian for the health and wellness of your family and friends? Are you unwilling to accept the often times "medicate first, ask questions later" philosophy of today's medical community? If so, join Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist for this compelling 4-level, 20-class Self-Health for the 21st Century™ telecourse. You will learn an entire system of wellness that will help you and your family attain and maintain optimum health!

Empower Yourself with the Tools to Be Healthy for Life!

The dawn of a new era is upon us. The most advanced gene-related research is proving that nutrition is the single most important variable in human health and the prevention of disease. Nutrition is also an invaluable component in the recovery from any disease: if that recovery is to have its best chance for short-term as well as long-term success.

The type of training physicians and many other front-line health personnel have received ill prepares them for this emerging reality. Their system of pigeonholing patients into a box, with a consequent drug to be given and authoritarian instructions to follow, is of little value in the overall context of health. To the contrary, the more drugs that are given the greater the number of unwanted side effects. This leaves a patient never truly solving their original health problems while at the same time piling on a whole new set of health problems. For society it is a cost-ineffective nightmare.

Self-Health for the 21st Century™ opens a new world of possibilities. It is a comprehensive system of wellness that enables you to identify the source of your health problems and take effective steps to solve them. There are no Band-Aids, quick fixes, or suppression of symptoms. Your symptoms are red flags that you need to understand and resolve. The principles taught are easily incorporated into your lifestyle so that you can maximize your chances for a long-lived healthy life. Many people live in the shackles of their problems simply because they know no other way. Self-Health for the 21st Century™ teaches you how to create and maintain optimal health.

    Participants Will:

  • Learn an entire system of wellness
  • Be empowered with the knowledge to be healthy, naturally
  • Gain the confidence to make correct health decisions!

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Patient-Centered Empowerment

The rock-solid foundation of Self-Health for the 21st Century™ is what Byron calls patient-centered empowerment. This goes far beyond the notion of patient-centered care, which is a laudable effort on the part of health professionals to get patients and families more involved in health-related decisions and treatments. Patient-centered empowerment is all about you having the confidence to be fully responsible for your own health.

Patient-centered empowerment is not for everyone. It requires that you spend a considerable amount of time learning about health. It requires that you put into practice what you have learned. You have to walk the walk, not just learn the talk.

A primary goal is that you have the knowledge and certainty to make important health-related decisions for yourself: as well as being able to give valuable input and guidance to those you care about. Your personal reward is a quality of health that makes your life more enjoyable, while giving you the best chance of preventing the numerous diseases of aging.

Remember, when all is said and done, there is no person that cares more about your health than you. Patient-centered empowerment is rooted in the concept that it is your duty to yourself to have the knowledge to be in charge.

An Entire System of Wellness

Self-Health for the 21st Century™ is an entire system of wellness covering the key aspects of how your body functions, what you need to know about such function, and how to take effective steps to improve it when you see yourself heading the wrong direction. Consider it a comprehensive owner’s manual for the operation of your body.

What do your symptoms actually mean? In the world of Western medicine they are the potential sign of some disease or medical condition: which more often than not you don’t have. Even if you do have a collection of symptoms that add up to a health problem, like hypothyroidism, how did you get such a problem in the first place? In Western medicine the problem is treated with a drug, even though the cause is seldom identified. In Self-Health for the 21st Century™ you learn so many basic principles of health that you are readily able to see and determine the actual cause of most health problems you could encounter: as well as knowing how to fix them.

Western Medicine is a Resource, Not a Workable System of Health

This telecourse is for you if you are:
  • An Independent Thinker
  • A Take-Charge Individual
  • Curious and Inquisitive
  • Solution-Oriented
  • Pride Yourself in Knowing
  • Want to Live a Healthy Life, Naturally

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Self-Health for the 21st Century™ teaches you how to identify and fix smaller problems as they arise. This prevents you from developing larger health issues that are more difficult to resolve. The old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is still true today. Even if you have a significant health problem you will learn how to “peel the onion” to help unravel your fall from health. You will learn important steps to restore balance to an injured or ailing system. There is no short cut to learning how to effectively manage your most important asset: your health.

Taking a sledgehammer to a health problem will continue to be the purveyance of Western medicine, and integrated by you into your health at times when sledgehammers are appropriate: not as a primary system of thinking about your health and future wellness. In Western medicine drugs are often the solution, which typically means stay on one or more drugs indefinitely. In Self-Health for the 21st Century™ drugs are temporary solutions to be used only when needed. They have a defined purpose and a clearly established exit strategy. That exit strategy is based on you being firmly established on the path to restoration of your health.

Low-Tech, Low-Cost

Self-Health for the 21st Century™ is low-tech and low-cost. You simply either do or don’t have a collection of symptoms that you readily feel. Some of these symptoms predict that a system within your body is not functioning up to par, like ongoing sinus drainage, joint pains, or constipation. Others signs predict good health, like the presence of a vibrant energy level, a sparkle in your eye, or popping out of bed in the morning ready to go.

In Self-Health for the 21st Century™ you will learn to evaluate the importance of the pros and cons of your health status, relate them to specific function of your body, clearly understand the severity of the issues, and have workable strategies to move in the positive direction. Fancy lab tests are not essential because you either do or don’t have various issues and they are either getting worse, staying the same, or getting better. Your current status and your progress are self evident and more reliable than any lab test. The key is that you have the skills to understand and manage the “language” of your body.

High-tech, high-cost Western medicine has oftentimes replaced the human element in healing. For some, better quality of care is associated with a “Disney World” dazzling display of wondrous gadgets and super-advanced technology. Unfortunately, the output is invariably the same, a stale authoritarian dogma of drugs and surgeries. Oftentimes the technology itself has the net effect of creating significant fear about your health, which is unfortunately used as a further threat to gain compliance with the remedies of a dysfunctional paradigm of health. While such technology will always have its place and value, especially in emergency medicine, it pales in comparison to the quality of health you can achieve with the low-tech, low-cost approach of Self-Health for the 21st Century™.

Advanced Science-Based Strategies with a Practical Flair

The principles of Self-Health for the 21st Century™ evolved based on working directly with thousands of individuals over a twenty-five year period. These principles are both science-based as well as practical, results-oriented.

Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, is a gifted translator of highly technical advanced science into plain English. The information presented in Self-Health for the 21st Century™ is intended to empower the lay person, the mother in charge of a family, the person struggling to recover their health, and the person who simply wants to know how to maintain optimal health. However, any health professional will quickly find it an invaluable body of science-backed wellness information: the type of training that most health professionals never received and a terrific augmentation to their primary practice focus.

Richards has practiced in a clinical setting that was often a place of last resort for people who had seen multiple doctors and were still not feeling well. Some of these people were struggling with various well-defined illnesses that Western medicine was unable to improve. Others fell between the diagnostic cracks into the world of what is often called the “walking wounded.” Regardless, figuring out how to actually solve these types of health problems is what formed the working paradigm that underlies Self-Health for the 21st Century™.

As an expert nutritionist, Byron Richards has worked on the front-lines of applied clinical nutrition for over 25 years. He has gained hands-on experience and knowledge that is not taught in any textbook or by any college-level wellness/nutrition curriculum. He is an encyclopedia of clinical pearls; in many respects the most valuable, practical, and useful information possessed by a health professional. Over the years these clinical pearls combined with solid science form the workable strategies inherent in many of the solutions presented in Self-Health for the 21st Century™.

While it is always encouraged that you study as much as you can about various aspects of health from many different authors, you will find in Self-Health for the 21st Century™ a grand synthesis of health principles that helps you make sense of the writings of others. You will also develop your own system of critical thinking so that you can rapidly and accurately evaluate the importance and relative truth about what any person is saying regarding health. And to top it off, this treasure-trove of information will save you time and shorten your learning curve so that you can follow your own path to life-long health. The goal is that you are empowered as a true problem-solver of health issues with the high-level skill of being able to translate what you know into tangible results.

Leptin: King of Hormones

Central to the system of Self-Health for the 21st Century™ is an advanced understanding of the hormone leptin. As it turns out, leptin controls all other hormones in your body as well as plays a dominant role in the function of all systems within your body. It may seem difficult to grasp that one hormone can do so much: especially one that you may have heard very little about. However, you will quickly learn that leptin signals the permission for your body to produce energy and the rate at which it will be produced. When you understand that every cell or any organ system in your body requires energy to function you can begin to see why leptin is so important. And that is just the beginning of the story.

Leptin problems are the cause of obesity and the primary cause of diabetes and heart disease. They are a dominant force in many cancers (especially sex hormone cancers) and a secondary force in virtually all cancers. Not knowing what leptin is or how it is working in your body is like trying to be the offensive coordinator of a football team without having any sense of what your quarterback is ever going to do. Understanding and managing leptin effectively is a life and death issue. Make mistakes with leptin and you are rowing your boat against the current. Live and eat in harmony with leptin and you open the door to a far higher quality of health.

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"Self-Health For the 21st Century" with Byron J. Richards

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Course Outline: Levels 1-4

The training for Self-Health for the 21st Century™ is divided into four levels of five one-hour teleseminars. Each training level builds on the previous level to form a comprehensive system for natural wellness. Participation in each level is required to take part in the next. Knowledge is power, and this is the hard-won knowledge from twenty-five years on the front lines of clinical nutrition. You will come away with a true understanding of how to keep you and your family well!

Level 1: Taking Charge of Leptin

MP3 recordings available

Class 1: How Fit is Your Fat?
Your fat turns out to be a primary metabolic organ. Learn what its doing and why keeping your fat fit may very well be your top health priority.
Class 2: The Five Rules of the Leptin Diet
When you eat is just as important as what you eat. Eat in harmony with leptin and you are well on your way to a healthy future.
Class 3: Optimizing Nutrition for the Leptin Diet
Learn your dietary and core nutrition dos and don’ts. Dietary myths are explained, avoid needless restriction.
Class 4: Sleep Well for Weight Management
Nothing replaces the rejuvenation value of a good night’s sleep. It is your optimal fat-burning time of day. Learn what it takes to synchronize your biological clock.
Class 5: Maximizing Exercise for Health
Learn the secrets to activating fat-burning genes while exercising. Exercise smarter, get the most health benefit from the exercise you do. Extend your life.

Level 2: Mastering the
Hormonal Symphony

MP3 recordings available

Class 6: Solving Insulin and Blood Sugar
Where is your sugar headed and what is your insulin doing? Figure that out, take charge, and you will live a lot longer.
Class 7: The New World of Thyroid
Once and for all get to the bottom of thyroid problems. Understand why thyroid function is your metabolic weak link and the vital steps you need to take to protect its function.
Class 8: Bones as a Metabolic Powerhouse
Of course bone building will be covered: but don't sell your bones short as a vital player in your metabolism: yet another reason to keep them healthy.
Class 9: Adrenals and Stress
Your adrenal glands have the task of keeping up with every demand and pressure you are under: are yours up to the task?
Class 10: Depression, Anxiety, and Obesity
Energize your brain and change your life. Learn how to operate the master switchboard and take control. Build a solid nervous system foundation for health.

Level 3: True Natural Balance

MP3 recordings available

Class 11: Linking Digestion and Metabolism
If your digestive system is having problems it is a sinkhole for your energy. Learn the surprising links between digestive problems and the inability to lose weight.
Class 12: Solving Plumbing Problems
In our modern polluted world toxins pose a great challenge to your health and metabolism, especially when you try to lose weight. Live cleaner, become a master plumber!
Class 13: The Nature of Addiction
Who is in charge? You or some old tape based on prior pain? Learn to master the double-edged sword of pleasure. Overcome bad habits.
Class 14: The Real Story of Blood Pressure
There is a lot more to blood pressure than numbers on paper. Learn how to maintain optimal function of the streets and highways that deliver nutrition everywhere in your body.
Class 15: And Now Cholesterol Makes Sense
Never before has society been so dumbed-down on any one health subject. With the knowledge of classes 1-14 under your belt you will understand the essence of cholesterol fitness and true cardiovascular health.

Level 4: Unraveling
Health Complexities

MP3 recordings available

Class 16: Improving Sex Hormone Function
Sex hormones either work in your favor for pleasure, reproduction, and survival of the human race or they work against you causing cancer. Learn how to improve hormone function.
Class 17: Super Immunity
If you live in fear of germs and disease you will never be self-empowered on the subject of your own health. Our government wants a society of sheeple. What do you want?
Class 18: The Candida Conundrum
A gift of Western medicine’s decades-long overuse of antibiotics is that millions of Americans have an overgrowth of Candida albicans, a problem that ebbs and flows and seldom goes away unless you know exactly what you are doing.
Class 19: The Problem of Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia means that many systems in your body have lost natural balance. There is a path out and you need the roadmap to follow.
Class 20: Solving Difficult Weight-Loss Problems
You now have the skills of a health expert. You can apply them to any topic, including weight that won’t budge. Your health future is in your hands.

Participant Comments

"I've listened to the classes in Level One three times each! Each time I learn more and more. It's all so interesting and beneficial to my health. Thank you!” – Dee N.

"I just wanted to thank Byron, you and all the team for the amazing teleseminar. I am the "eternal student", always reading, and trying to find new information on how I can help my patients better. I am currently involved in the American Academy of Anti-aging, hopefully on the way to completing my masters. What I've found to be incredible is that no one seems to be asking the right questions or targeting the origins of most health problems. I can tell you right off the bat that Byron's classes are so much more advanced and give so much more practical information than I have ever found in the master's program. Not only is this amazing, I am paying 1/8 the amount with Byron and getting much more information in the teleseminar! Thank God there are people like Byron on this planet who are so incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about helping people solve their health problems; more importantly helping people to better understand their bodies. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Many blessings to you all!" – Adriana B.

"How I loved the first class in Level One of the Telecourse! I am glad I am able to listen to it more than once. Thank you for providing the downloadable audio and printable notes for continued study." – Carol R.

"I really would like to thank Mr. Richards for teaching this course! I find it to be intriguing, useful and beneficial in terms of solving health related problems. I must say there is a lot to grasp in this course. Thank you for making the recordings from the classes of Level One available to listen to anytime and as many times as I would like. I am looking forward to levels 2-4 in this series of Self Health for the 21st Century.  I also absolutely love the products that I have tried so far from Wellness Resources and am in the process of trying some more as part of my effort to improve my health." – Ukti M.

"I am thoroughly enjoying Byron's new Telecourse! He is brilliant and I am looking forward to the rest of the series!” – Linda W.

Recommended Reading!

The Leptin Diet and Mastering LeptinByron J. Richards is the author of the cutting-edge books, Mastering Leptin and The Leptin Diet. We strongly recommend reading either book while taking part in the Self-Health for the 21st Century™ program! The Leptin Diet is a shorter read for those who want to understand how to eat in harmony with the hormone leptin and improve thyroid function, weight management, and energy. Mastering Leptin covers this information but expands on the science behind the hormone leptin. It includes the leptin-insulin connection, male and female hormone balance, disease prevention, and more!  For a limited time you may purchase either book for 30% off!

  • The Leptin Diet: $12.95, 25% off: $9.71   Add to Cart
  • Mastering Leptin: $18.95, 25% off: $14.21   Add to Cart

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a telecourse?

Telecourses are live courses offered via the telephone and online. Participants from all over the world gather together at a set time in a conference call to interact live with Byron J. Richards. As with any other class, there are lectures and live interactions between the instructor and participants. Between sessions, participants are also invited to post comments on a special online discussion board and to interact with other participants.

What if I miss a class or am unable to listen live on Tuesdays?

It is easy to listen to the classes at your convenience. They will be available online on your computer or available for download to an mp3 player. You may also send your questions prior to the class via email for Byron to answer on the live calls.

Do I need any special equipment?

The only equipment you’ll need is either a telephone or a computer with an internet connection. If you choose to participate by phone, depending on your telephone service, you may also incur some long-distance charges for the calls themselves.

Course Certification Available

Get Certified and Share Your Education. A 25-question exam is available after each level to test your training competency. Score 90% or better and you earn the right to call yourself Self-Health Certified! Certification is $50 for all four levels.
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