Oregano Oil's Inflammation Reduction & Weight Loss

Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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Oregano Oil's Inflammation Reduction & Weight Loss
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The popular immune support nutrient, oregano oil, is building the science that explains why it is likely to help many people lose weight, especially those with a stubborn weight loss problem.

The active component of oregano oil is called carvacrol, which is structured as a terpene. Terpenes are capable of dissolving fat sludge (turpentine is made of terpenes). Individuals who are stuck in an overweight condition have fat sludge piling up in their liver, gallbladder, lymph system, and elsewhere in their bodies. On a purely mechanical basis, a nutrient that can safely and naturally help dissolve this buildup of sludge can facilitate the housecleaning process needed to clear up the clogged organs, which is a process that will gradually occur over time as you lose weight.

In February 2012 I reported on the first animal study showing that mice fed a high fat diet were much less prone to the buildup of stagnant fat (lower cholesterol and triglycerides). Terpenes, being fat soluble, are likely to accumulate in white adipose tissue wherein it is likely they will also help clear out damaged fat cells that have been overloaded by fat sludge (my theory). This initial study showed that carvacrol could inhibit the formation of new fat cells in white adipose tissue while directly lowering the inflammation coming from white adipose tissue.

The new study, which was designed to study mechanisms of pain reduction, demonstrates that carvacrol can help two of the most important issues faced by individuals with sluggish metabolisms who have difficulty engaging and consistently sustaining weight loss.

Individuals stuck in hibernation metabolism typically have far too much inflammatory TNFa coming out of their white adipose tissue. Such TNFa is also associated with joint pain. The study showed that carvacrol could powerfully lower inflammatory TNFa, which helps both issues. As I recently reported in my article on male sexual function, too much TNFa also diminishes erection longevity.

Another common problem with problematic weight loss is too many germ gangs in the gut generating toxic LPS (lipopolysaccharide), which reenters one's body and provokes additional inflammation that causes metabolism to slow down. Not only can oregano oil directly knock down these germ gangs, but the new study shows it also helps to directly neutralize toxic LPS.

While these issues are relevant to someone fighting an acute infection, they are also relevant to people who struggle to get on track with a consistent and successful weight loss plan. If you are someone who is eating well and exercising and yet not making the progress you feel you should, then oregano oil may be able to help you in multiple ways.

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