Heartburn, H. Pylori, & Cancer – a Whole New View

Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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Heartburn, H. Pylori, & Cancer – a Whole New View
When the bacteria H. Pylori was discovered back in 1982, and then associated with heartburn and future cancer of the esophagus, the medical profession put a target on its back. Extending their faltering paradigm of the germ theory of disease they were so proud they could now attack H. Pylori. Walk into any doctor's office today (or for the next ten years), tell them you have H. Pylori, and they will pull out their toxic cannons and fire away – certain they are saving you from your symptoms as well as future cancer.

A significant body of new science1 shows that this view is not only wrong, but that such treatments are likely to increase the cause of esophageal cancer, the very problem they are supposed to be stopping! That's right, esophageal cancer rates in the U.S. are skyrocketing, due to the treatments that are supposed to be preventing them!

As it turns out everyone has H. Pylori, and it makes a gene signal that protects you against esophageal cancer. Like Candida albicans, H. Pylori can overgrow and cause problems. However, new science points out that it has been a normal inhabitant of your digestive tract for a very long time and is part of the balance of power that must be maintained for optimal health. Friendly flora is a main tool for keeping H. Pylori in a state of beneficial function.

Certainly you want a digestive tract without symptoms and in good health – and this is a high priority for everyone. Balance is the key. Obliteration of germs based on the germ theory of disease is a dead paradigm with devastating health consequences, and H. Pylori is one of many examples. How long will it take doctors to catch on? Mapping the genome of the contents of the human digestive tract is the next frontier of science, and thanks to new molecular tools it is an era that is now upon is. The handwriting is clearly on the wall. The Earth is not flat. Will Western medicine please wake up.

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