Curcumin Protects Against Liver and Gallbladder Damage

Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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Curcumin Protects Against Liver and Gallbladder Damage
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A new animal study shows that curcumin1 is highly protective to the liver and gallbladder. This is good news, considering the extensive pollution and other factors that cause trouble to these important organs.

Your liver and gallbladder are constantly dealing with chemicals elimination. When exposure is higher than they can readily handle then their tissues are damaged and their function is reduced, leading to many health problems. Women are at higher risk for gallbladder problems due to their naturally higher levels of estrogen, which tends to make cholesterol going through the gall bladder sticky and sluggish.

In the study mice with liver and gall bladder problems were given curcumin and then compared to a control group. Through multiple mechanisms curcumin reduced gallbladder and liver inflammation and consequent tissue damage and scarring.

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