The Leptin Diet®

Have you tried every diet and still can't lose weight? It's time for change. Discover how mastering the fat hormone leptin is the key to permanent weight loss, better energy, and improved health! The Leptin Diet® is a results-proven lifestyle developed by Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist. It includes following the Five Rules in The Leptin Diet or Mastering Leptin books, and as needed taking Wellness Resources® high quality weight management supplements that are in the Leptin Control Pack®.

Unlike fad diets, The Leptin Diet® is backed by real science. The Five Rules will help you achieve a healthy weight, increase energy, improve blood sugar metabolism, and improve overall health. We hear amazing Leptin Diet success stories every day. Begin now and become one of them!

The Five Rules of The Leptin Diet®

1. Never eat after dinner. Finish eating dinner at least three hours before bed.  
2. Eat three meals a day. Allow 5-6 hours between meals. Do not snack!  
3. Do not eat large meals. Finish a meal when you are slightly less than full.  
4. Eat a high protein breakfast. Aim for 20-30 grams of protein at breakfast.
5. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates eaten. Limit, don't cut out carbs.

What to Eat on The Leptin Diet

When you eat is important, and so is what you eat. Eat a variety of fresh, organic foods that give you good energy. It's important to cut out the chemicals and additives and eat REAL food.

Eat Satisfying, Delicious Meals
Don't be calorie obsessed, or calorie ignorant - know the content of the foods you usually eat.
Keep each meal between 400 to 600 calories with general ratios of:

  • 40 percent fat
  • 30 percent carbohydrates
  • 30 percent protein

How much protein? Eat 50 to 75 percent of your ideal body weight in grams of protein per day.

How much fiber? Include 35 to 50 grams of fiber per day.

No Snacks. No snacking between meals; it's just a bad habit.
Try beverages with no calories and no artificial sweeteners:

  • Plain hot or iced tea
  • Black coffee
  • Lemon water


  • Soda pop, including diet sodas
  • Flavored waters with artificial sweeteners (Splenda, Crystal Lite)
  • Soy foods/drinks (soy irritates the thyroid gland and can inhibit weight loss)
  • Energy drinks

Hungry between meals? Afternoon energy slump?

  • Drink 8 to16 oz. of water; hunger and thirst signals are often confused.
  • Take LeptiSlim between meals to ward off hunger.
  • To combat afternoon energy slump take a Leptin Control Pack supplement packet in the afternoon.*
  • Busy yourself with activities away from food.

Exercise on The Leptin Diet

Moderate exercise turns on your genes and facilitates healthy leptin function and metabolism.
Consistency is more important than intensity. Start out slowly and increase your efforts gradually;
do enough to feel refreshed and support your weight loss effort.

Nutritional Supplements on The Leptin Diet

High quality nutritional supplement can help increase energy, reduce food cravings, improve hormone
balance, and improve metabolism. They make getting started and staying on track easier. Plus, they can
help you get beyond a weight loss plateau.*

Wellness Resources weight management supplements come in the Leptin Control Pack®,
in convenient on-the-go packets that each contain seven capsules:

  • 1 - Leptinal®
  • 1 - Thyroid Helper®
  • 1 - Stress Helper®
  • 1 - LeptiSlim®
  • 1 - Cinnamon Plus™
  • 1 - Green Tea Extract
  • 1 - Quercetin

Tips for Taking Dietary Supplements

  • Take two Leptin Control Pack supplement packets per day before any two meals with 8 to 16 ounces of water.*
  • Lunch and dinner are typically more vulnerable times to make less healthy food choices or overeat – take the supplements at those times.*

The Leptin Diet by Byron J. Richards, CCN
The Leptin Diet:
How Fit Is Your Fat?

by Byron J. Richards,
Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

The Leptin Diet contains easy lifestyle guidelines to get the hormone leptin into balance for permanent weight management, increased energy, and optimum health.

What is Leptin?  Fat cells produce the powerful hormone leptin, a primary force instructing thyroid, adrenals, and hunger, metabolism. Leptin communicates directly to your brain, telling the brain how much fat is in storage. Leptin controls appetite, energy, and metabolic rate. Leptin problems are the primary reason for food cravings, overeating, faulty metabolism, the obsession with food, and heart disease. Learn how to eat in harmony with leptin and take charge of your weight and your health -- once and for all! Book Details

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Leptin Control Pack® Leptin Control Pack®

This is our most popular support package for weight management. Take one pack in the morning and one pack in the middle of the afternoon to sustain energy and burn calories.* Each individually wrapped packet contains: 1-Leptinal®, 1-Thyroid Helper®, 1-Stress Helper®, 1-LeptiSlim®, 1-Cinnamon Plus™, 1-Green Tea Extract, and 1-Quercetin.

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