Candida Helper

Promotes Natural Candida Balance

Candida Helper™ contains digestive support nutrients that promote healthy GI tract flora balance. This supports healthy immunity.*

  • Promotes natural candida balance*
  • Natural immune support*
  • Digestive tract nutrition*
  • High potency lactoferrin, undecylenic acid and caprylic acid
  • Reduces biofilm formation in gut*

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Your digestive tract represents the primary interface between self and non-self cells. There are more foreign cells in your digestive tract than comprise your entire body, and these cells and their metabolic byproducts form a necessary part of the healthy structure and function of your immune system, digestive system, and detoxification systems. The relationship between self and non-self cells in your digestive tract must be kept in friendly balance for optimal health.

Candida Helper™ is designed to provide nutrients that facilitate the healthy balance of flora in your digestive tract, including Candida albicans (a normal inhabitant). During evolution our bodies have used various nutrients to facilitate this process, including medium chain fatty acids such a undecylenic acid and caprylic acid. These fatty acids are not only very easy for your body to use for nutritional purposes, they are highly desirable in your digestive tract to promote healthy balance.*

Lactoferrin is one of the most studied immune support nutrients, with hundreds of studies showing its value in natural immune and digestive support. Lactoferrin is highly concentrated in breast milk, helping to ensure the proper evolution of digestive function in any child as well as providing natural immune support.*

Candida Helper™ is synergistic with many other digestive health nutrients, and may be used to support proper digestive function (assisting the reduction of gas, bloating, sugar cravings, constipation, indigestion).*

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Directions: Take 1-2 capsules, up to 3 times per day.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 capsules

Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
Calcium (as calcium undecylenate)76 mg8
Magnesium (as magnesium caprylate)48 mg12
Undecylenic Acid620 mg*
Caprylic Acid540 mg*
Lactoferrin (from purified whey)216 mg*

* Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: cellulose, silica, magnesium stearate, and cellulose capsule.

This product does NOT contain egg, fish, gluten, corn, peanuts, crustacean shellfish, soybeans, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, or rice. This product does NOT contain hidden fillers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors, or sugar.

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