Study Title:

Pterostilbene Binds to PPAR Alpha

Study Abstract

Pterostilbene, a naturally occurring analog of resveratrol, has previously shown PPARalpha activation in H4IIEC3 cells and was found to decrease cholesterol levels in animals. In this study, analogs of pterostilbene were synthesized and their ability to activate PPARalpha was investigated. Among analogs that was synthesized (E)-4-(3,5-dimethoxystyryl)phenyl dihydrogen phosphate showed activity higher than pterostilbene and control drug ciprofibrate. Docking of the stilbenes inside PPARalpha showed the presence of important hydrogen bond interactions for PPARalpha activation.

Study Information

Mizuno CS, Ma G, Khan S, Patny A, Avery MA, Rimando AM.
Design, synthesis, biological evaluation and docking studies of pterostilbene analogs inside PPARalpha.
Bioorg Med Chem.
2008 April
USDA-ARS, Natural Products Utilization Research Unit, PO Box 8048, University, MS 38677, United States.

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