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Efficacy of Echinacea angustifolia in recurrent respiratory tract infections

Study Abstract

Among pediatric population the recurrent upper respiratory tract infections are very common. Several phytotherapies are been proposed as support therapies and, in particular, the efficacy of Echinacea angustifolia is controversial. This paper presents an evaluation of a new herbal compound in the treatment of recurrent upper respiratory tract infections in a pediatric cohort.
An immunostimulant herbal compound of Echinacea angustifolia, Arabinogalactan, Acerola (Vitamin C), Beta- Glucan e Zinc (Imoviral® Junior) was given to 37 children affected by recurrent pharyngotonsillitis or otitis media.
The mean number of inflammatory episodes (i.e. tonsillitis or otitis media) during 6 months before treatment was 3±2.19, during the 6 months following treatment initiation it was 1±0.93 (P=0.04). After the complete treatment, 77% of children reported an improvement of chronic inflammatory in frequency of acute episodes. The total score of a questionnaire about life quality is improved (P=0.04). Finally, none collateral effects was occurred.
The herbal compound of echinacea, beta-glucan, vitamin c, arabinoglactan and zinc (Imoviral® Junior) can improve the quality of life in pediatric patients affected by recurrent pharyngotonsillitis and otitis media without contralateral effects.

Study Information

Minetti AM, Forti S, Tassone G, Torretta S, Pignataro L.
Efficacy of complex herbal compound of Echinacea angustifolia (Imoviral® Junior) in recurrent upper respiratory tract infections during pediatric age: preliminary results.
Minerva Pediatr.
2011 June
Unità Operativa di Otorinolaringoiatria, Fondazione IRCCS Ca' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Milano, Italia.

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