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Chlorella Boosts Immune Response to Flu Vaccine

Study Abstract

Our proprietary preparation obtained by extraction of Chlorella pyrenoidosa cells, ONC-107 (Respondin), was recently found to selectively boost antibody response to the influenza vaccine in a human clinical trial. Respondin is a potent stimulator of mouse B cell proliferation and an activator of macrophages. Bioactivity-guided resolution concluded that Respondin is composed of a mixture of immunostimulatory principles of different chemical nature. A combination of size exclusion, anion exchange and hydrophobic interaction chromatography revealed that the bulk of the immunostimulatory activity resides in polysaccharide/protein complexes with molecular masses larger than 100 kDa that are composed primarily of galactose, rhamnose and arabinose.

Study Information

Kralovec JA, Metera KL, Kumar JR, Watson LV, Girouard GS, Guan Y, Carr RI, Barrow CJ, Ewart HS.
Immunostimulatory principles from Chlorella pyrenoidosa--part 1: isolation and biological assessment in vitro.
2007 January
Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd., 101 Research Drive, Dartmouth.

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