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Boswellia has Anti-tumor Properties

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Boswellic acid (BA), a triterpene, isolated from Boswellia serrata (Burseraceae) has been found to possess potent anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activity. The present study aimed at exploring the possible role of BA on ascites and solid Ehrlich tumor. Ascitic tumor development was evaluated 14d after tumor implantation by quantification of the ascitic fluid volume whereas solid tumor was evaluated after 30d tumor implantation by H&E and IHC. The i.p. administration of BA significantly inhibited ascitic and solid Ehrlich tumor model. This inhibition was observed with reduced ascitic volume, solid tumor volume and body weight when compared to control mice. The treatments also increased the survival of tumor-bearing mice. VEGF and TNF- α levels were decreased, whereas the IL-12 levels were increased with BA treatment at 25mg/kg. Further, results on decrease in the peritoneal angiogenesis and microvessel density showed the anti-angiogenic potential. Microscopic examination of tumors revealed that in BA-treated groups the expression of Bax and caspase 3 increased, suggesting drug induced tumor cell apoptosis through activating the pro-apoptotic bcl-2 family and caspase-3. The present study sheds light on the potent antitumor property of the boswellic acid and can be extended further to develop therapeutic protocols for treatment of cancer.

Study Information

Agrawal SS, Saraswati S, Mathur R, Pandey M.
Antitumor properties of Boswellic acid against Ehrlich ascites cells bearing mouse.
J Nat Med.
2011 April
Genome Research Laboratory, Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Pushp Vihar Sec-3, M B Road, New Delhi 110017, India.

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