Tips to Solve Common Weight Loss Issues

Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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Tips to Solve Common Weight Loss Issues
The Leptin Diet, consistent exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and stress management skills are the foundation for successful weight loss. In many cases dietary supplements can be used to augment various metabolic problems that otherwise slow or impede progress. These can be used as “tools” to help keep your energy up, cravings at bay, hormones working better, and metabolism engaged properly in calorie burning. Dietary supplements make progress easier for most and are quite helpful for getting started, staying on track, or breaking through a weight-loss plateau.*

The following is a list of the typical challenges you are most likely to encounter while trying to lose weight, along with the most common reason for the problem and the basic solution that usually helps.

Some people have many of these issues. If so, focus on the two or three areas that are the most troubling to you. As you eat in harmony with leptin and make progress on your overall weight loss program many of these problems will simply go away as your metabolism naturally improves.

Be alert to any of these issues cropping up as you move along in your weight loss effort. Besides not following the five rules of the Leptin Diet, these are the most common reasons your progress will slow or stop.

Lack of energy, heavy head, too sluggish, or afternoon power outage.

Why? Thyroid system and cell energy production are not adequately engaged. Suggest: Thyroid Helper 2-6, Daily Energy Multi 2-6, Iosol Iodine 1-3 drops.*

Can’t go five hours without eating.

Why? Your liver is out of shape. Suggest: Stress Helper 2-6, Activator Plus 2-6, Daily Balancer 2-6, Cinnamon Plus 2-6.*

Can’t get started in the morning, must eat something else by mid morning, crave salt or fat.

Why? Adrenals are fatigued. Suggest: Daily Protein Plus for breakfast, Stress Helper or Pantethine 2-6, Vitamin C 2-6.*

Not losing weight.

Why? Fat cells are hibernating. Suggest: Leptinal, a regular dose is 2-3 a day. If needed take 4-9 a day until fat burning engages.*

Crave Sugar or Carbohydrates.

Why? Neuropeptide Y and ghrelin are elevated – there may also be a digestive flare up. Suggest: Calcium AEP, 3-12. LeptiSlim, 2-6.*

Eat too much at night, eat too much in general.

Why? Leptin and related full signals are not entering your brain correctly. Suggest: Pine Nut Oil 2-6, LeptiSlim 2-6, Leptinal 2-6.*

Stress sets off eating urges.

Why? Eating calms your liver’s stress intensity, food=stability. Suggest: Stress Helper 2-6, Daily Energy 2-6, Q10 2-4, Super B Complex 2-6.*

Unstable blood sugar feelings after 2-3 hours of a meal (jittery, headachey, irritable).

Why? The liver is not distributing calories properly. Suggest: Cinnamon Plus 2-6, LeptiSlim 2-6, Activator Plus 2-6.*

Fluid Retention.

Why? Eating too many carbohydrates or too much cell inflammation. Mangosteen Plus (with cranberry) 2-6, Leptinal 2-6, Stress Helper or Pantethine 2-6.*

Constipation, sluggish bowels, or digestive disturbance.

Why? Not enough fiber or digestive imbalance. Suggest: Fiber Helper 1 heaping tbl at two meals, Turkey Rhubarb at night 1-4, Digestive Enzymes 1-2 each meal, GI Soother 1 heaping tsp at meals, GI and Muscle Helper ½-1 tsp at meals, Oregano Oil 2-6.*

Headaches, irritable, dark circles under eyes.

Why? Toxins in blood. Suggest: Daily Balancer 2-6, Activator Plus 2-6, Skin Rejuvenator 2-6.*

Excessive mucous, congestion, stiff shoulders.

Why? Lymph is clogged or sluggish. Suggest: Immune Plus, 1 tsp-tbl morning and at bed. Repair Plus 2-6, Oregano Oil 2-6.*

Muscle weakness or soreness.

Why? Not eating enough carbohydrates or lactic acid buildup. Suggest: Muscle Mag 2-6, Q10 2-3.*

Not sleeping well or enough.

Why? Stress or toxin load interfering with sleep. More nutrients as applicable during the day. At night: RelaxaMag 1-4, Tri-Cal, 1-4, Melatonin 1-6. Strive for 7-8 hours of restful sleep.*

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