The Many Health Benefits of Resveratrol

June 25, 2018 | Wellness Resources

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The Many Health Benefits of Resveratrol
Resveratrol is a type of polyphenol known as a stilbenoid, which is produced in grapes and blueberries to protect themselves from bacterial and fungal infection, and to a lesser extent from UV radiation. It is a potent anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory antioxidant with many health benefits.

Interest in resveratrol first took off when it was discovered to be the active component in red wine that is thought to be the secret to the “French Paradox”. The French have been known to eat a diet containing three times the amount of saturated fat as Americans, and yet had lower rates of obesity and heart disease.

Further research into the health benefits of resveratrol has continued to impress. Some of the most remarkable research has focused on resveratrol for inflammation, epigenetics, brain health, anti-aging, cancer, weight loss and cardiovascular health.

As resveratrol continues to be studied, the list of benefits of supplementing with resveratrol will undoubtedly continue to grow. Here are some of our favorite Wellness Resources articles that have illuminated the health benefits of resveratrol over the last 10 years:

Brain Health:

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Weight Loss:

How Resveratrol Helps Regulate Blood Sugar 
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Cardiovascular Protection:

Resveratrol Assists In the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease 
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Resveratrol Helps Circulation in Overweight Adults  
Scientists Tout Resveratrol as a Primary Nutrient for Cardio Health 
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When supplementing with resveratrol, quality matters. We recommend taking a high potency resveratrol standardized for 98% trans-resveratrol, the active compound. Most resveratrol supplements are just 50% trans resveratrol, and this is what you can assume if no percentage is listed on the label.

Quality and potency of your resveratrol supplement makes a difference for health results!

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