The Amazing Wonders of Curcumin

May 15, 2017 | Wellness Resources

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The Amazing Wonders of Curcumin
Curcumin, the active component in turmeric root, has been used for centuries in traditional healing. Only recently has research started to understand this nutrient and its amazing health benefits. Some of the most profound research on curcumin is in the areas of inflammation and repair, weight management, cancer treatment, brain and mood support, and immunity.

When supplementing with turmeric or curcumin, quality matters. Superior quality curcumin supplements are standardized for 95% curcuminoids, the biologically active compound, and include black pepper extract, which has been proven to improve GI tract absorption.

As research on curcumin continues, we know the value to health will be further illuminated. Here are some of our favorite articles we have written on curcumin over the past 10 years:

Inflammation and Repair:
Researchers Suggest Curcumin to Treat Tendonitis
How Curcumin & Resveratrol Protect Joints While Helping Your Mood

Weight Management:
Curcumin Now Touted as a Significant Weight Loss & Disease Prevention Nutrient
Curcumin: Linking Leptin, Obesity, Joint Problems, Inflammation

Curcumin Helps Change Gene Function to Combat Cancer
Curcumin in the War on Cancer

Brain and Mood:
The Mood Boosting Benefits of Curcumin
Curcumin for Depression
Curcumin Helps Offset Stress, Boosting Adrenals and Memory
Curcumin Prevents Nerve Decline

Curcumin Boosts Front-Line Immune Response
Curcumin Demonstrates Potent Anti-Flu Properties

Through future research on curcumin, we hope to understand its mechanisms for improving health. There is no need to wait for the future. Curcumin can help you improve your health today.

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