Tame Your Cravings with Pine Nut Oil

Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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Tame Your Cravings with Pine Nut Oil
Each year countless Americans make the New Years resolution to lose weight and each year the best dieting efforts of many are met with frustration and mediocre, if any, success. Public health pundits keep preaching to exercise more and eat less – a message everyone already knows. What can you do?

The number one issue that gets in the way of weight management is the subconscious craving for food. While willpower and self-discipline are important traits of any successful dieter, cravings are a real monkey wrench that get in the way of the best efforts of anyone.

Cravings are subconscious in nature and they are wired to the drive to survive. While most cravings are inappropriate, they are stilled wired directly to the subconscious brain as “not eating is a threat to survival.” Like any threat to survival (e.g., someone pulling their car out in front of you requiring fast action to avert danger), these impulses are powerful and will override willpower. The best way to conquer the urge to eat is to not have the urge.

In this regard, evolutionary history is working against you. There are 15 signals to eat for every signal that says not to eat. These were necessary for survival of the human race as one of the main stressors during evolution was a scarcity of food. Your subconscious brain does not know there is food on every corner in America today – thus this old wiring kicks in when it is not managed properly.

The key is eating in harmony with the hormone leptin. Leptin runs the switchboard in your subconscious brain, telling you when you are hungry or not hungry. Leptin takes input from multiple signals relating to energy need. Some of these signals come from the digestive tract itself, others are triggered by activity or stress, and others are simply monitoring nutritional, blood sugar, and energy status within the body and reacting to changes that are occurring.

Pine Nut Oil is a major tool that can help you tame the urge to eat. It works in part by dampening two signals (CCK - cholecystokinin and GLP-1 - glucagon-like peptide-1) that tell the leptin center in your subconscious brain that it is time to eat. It is the only dietary source of a unique fatty acid called pinolenic acid, which is responsible for this unique ability.*

Pine Nut Oil has been in traditional use for thousands of years and has often been used during times of low food supply (such as the winters in Siberia) to help people maintain energy and not be hungry. Indeed, the energizing aspects of Pine Nut Oil are being constantly reported to us. Many people notice they simply are not getting cravings for food and yet their head feels wide awake. Several have notices they need little or no caffeine when taking Pine Nut Oil.

These reports on Pine Nut Oil are particularly interesting because the oil is not a stimulant of the central nervous system, it is a natural energizer in the family of GLA (an essential fatty acid). I do not consider many appetite suppressants to be safe to take. Stimulants simply ramp up the nerves and artificially depress leptin while stressing the heart and kidneys. As soon as there use is discontinued leptin will command calories to be stored as fat. Compounds that block fat or starch uptake are likewise brainless, interfering with proper absorption of food.

Another example is Hoodia. I will never put Hoodia in any Wellness Resources product until it has science showing it is safe and effective. While Hoodia has a lot of internet hype, Pfizer gave up on its marketing rights because the compound contains components that damage the liver. You can rest assured that if a drug company gave up on a potential weight loss drug it must have major problems.

At Wellness Resources your health is always our number one concern. Pine Nut Oil is a tool to help keep you on track. Some people are taking 2-3 capsules in the afternoon to prevent the afternoon power-outage and food cravings. Others are taking 1-3 capsules every meal, as needed, to help stay energized and on track.

I have added Pine Nut Oil to our top-selling Leptin Control Pack. The Leptin Control Pack is a tour de force of nutrients that support healthy metabolism and appetite regulation, all working synergistically with a good diet and exercise to help you in your weight management efforts.* Successful weight management requires consistency. Nutrients such as Pine Nut Oil can be used as a powerful tool to help keep you on track and to help prevent you from getting in a wrestling match with subconscious cravings that are difficult to overcome.*

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