Running Over Age 50 Cuts Death Rate in Half

Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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Running Over Age 50 Cuts Death Rate in Half
A 20-year study has shown that running1 has profound health benefits, cutting the rate of early death by more than half. Researchers found that running slowed cardiovascular disease, cancer deaths, cognitive decline, and poor immunity. The runners experienced no more wear and tear to their joints than non-runners. At the beginning of the study, with most participants in their 50s, they were running four hours per week. Twenty years later they averaged 76 minutes per week and still felt running helped them maintain their obvious higher quality of health. Running turns on various genes which are associated with conditioning your body's energy systems to work better, including the metabolic use of fat and sugar. I have previously reported that this may have been a key turning point in evolution and that we are “born to run.” This new study can help create on renaissance in health in the over 50 crowd.

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