Resveratrol Helps Circulation in Overweight Adults

Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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Resveratrol Helps Circulation in Overweight Adults
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Six weeks of only 75 mg of resveratrol per day significantly improved blood flow in obese adults. A second study indicates that part of the benefit may be due to an increase in adiponectin, which reduces inflammation in the circulatory system.

Overweight individuals suffer from a combination of inflammatory factors and excess fat in their circulation, working to impair circulation and set the stage for other health issues. The fact that so little resveratrol could provide such significant protection is good news, since any nutrient that can improve circulation will not only offer immediate protection, but may also assist people in engaging in a healthy weight management strategy.

Those taking resveratrol experienced a 23 percent improvement in blood flow. Additionally, a single dose of resveratrol in the same people was shown to boost circulation by 35 percent as an immediate response.

A second study showed that resveratrol helped lower blood levels of leptin, which causes food cravings and excess food consumption. At the same time, it boosted another fat-derived hormone known as adiponectin, which helps blood sugar metabolism and reduces cardiovascular inflammation.

Not only does resveratrol offer significant cardiovascular protection for overweight individuals, it also helps guide fat metabolism in a more positive direction.

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