Resveratrol Helps Break Down Stored Fat

Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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Resveratrol Helps Break Down Stored Fat
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Resveratrol continues to impress with its wide variety of health-promoting anti-aging properties. New research on human fat cells shows that resveratrol1 helps prevent accumulation of triglycerides in fat cells by helping to increase the rate the fat stored in fat cells is broken down.

Earlier studies with human fat cells show that resveratrol reduces the formation2 of new fat cells and helps to clear out old fat cells, a result that can be enhanced when used in conjunction with quercetin3. Collectively, these studies show that resveratrol has a direct effect on improving the health of fat cells, which are now recognized as an important metabolic organ.

I should point out that no nutrient will offset eating too much, as doing so tends to cram new triglycerides into fat cells regardless of what is being broken down. However, when calories are somewhat restricted then nutrients like resveratrol and quercetin can help improve the stressful condition going on within white adipose tissue, which helps the weight loss process run more smoothly.

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