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Poor Thyroid Function Lowers Carnosine Levels in Muscle

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Carnosinase hydrolyses carnosine in muscle, and its deficiency is associated with extensive neuromuscular abnormalities. We measured serum carnosinase activity in patients with thyroid dysfunction which often involves neuromuscular systems. In hyperthyroidism, the carnosinase activity was not significantly different from that in normal subjects. In hypothyroidism, however, it was significantly lower than that in normal subjects. The activity examined in five patients with hypothyroidism returned to normal after replacement therapy. In hypothyroidism, the carnosinase activity showed significant correlation with concentration of serum thyroxine and negative correlation with serum creatine kinase activity. This finding may be of practical importance in the differential diagnosis of disorders causing carnosinase deficiency.

Study Information

Bando K, Ichihara K, Shimotsuji T, Toyoshima H, Koda K, Hayashi C, Miyai K.
Reduced serum carnosinase activity in hypothyroidism.
Ann Clin Biochem.
1986 March

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