Omega 3 Oils Help Correct Leptin Gene Problems

Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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Omega 3 Oils Help Correct Leptin Gene Problems
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A detailed gene study involving 1,754 adults, some with metabolic syndrome1 and some without, showed that those who were low in omega 3 oils like DHA were more likely to manifest gene problems with leptin.

The researchers were studying polymorphisms in the leptin receptor. The hormone leptin is seeking to communicate around your body so as to regulate your metabolism. In order for the instructions to have meaning they must bind to a leptin receptor, setting into motion various metabolic instructions. Some individuals have alterations in their leptin receptors, which is more common in individuals who are overweight. When these leptin receptor problems kick in, it is one factor that fuels insulin resistance and eventually metabolic syndrome.

The researchers showed that too many omega 6 oils (common in today's junk food diets) magnifies the malfunction of the leptin receptor gene polymorphisms. On the other hand, high omega 3 with lower omega 6 enabled the handicapped leptin receptors to function normally.

This is one reason why DHA oil is so important to human health, especially in individuals who are overweight or have moved to the more advanced metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol).

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