Omega 3 Fish Oil Helps Banish Belly Fat

March 19, 2018 | Wellness Resources

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Omega 3 Fish Oil Helps Banish Belly Fat
If you want to trim down your waistline, you may want to increase your intake of fish oil. There is a clear link between waist size and disease risk, showing weight around the middle is harmful to health. An expanding waistline is indicative of a fatty liver, insulin resistance, and heart disease. The goal should be to keep your waistline less than half your height in inches.

Abdominal fat is much more inflammatory than other fat accumulation around your body. Abdominal fat also indicates there is fat accumulating in the liver, a major metabolic organ. In this case, getting on track requires more than cutting back on calories and doing some moderate exercise.

There needs to be an increase in nutrients, especially those that help to reduce white adipose tissue inflammation and leptin resistance.
Research shows that DHA, a component of fish oil, can be helpful to reduce the size of your waistline. DHA helps decrease fat cell inflammation and control weight gain in several important ways.

Fish Oil Improves Leptin Resistance

Researchers now know that our fat cells are more than just a storage tank. The health of your white adipose tissue, which is now proven to be a main endocrine organ, is central to all problems regarding your body weight. Fat cells release hormones that communicate with the brain and tell it how much fat is in storage.

Studies show that DHA is associated with lower levels of both abdominal fat and leptin, the primary hormone made in white adipose tissue that regulates cravings and energy level. Lowering leptin production within your abdominal fat helps to lower a key problem that causes overeating – the problem of leptin resistance caused by too much leptin floating around in your blood.

Excess leptin production from white adipose tissue causes a depression in its companion hormone, adiponectin. In turn, low adiponectin causes insulin resistance, another factor that can lead to abdominal fat gain. This is one reason having a larger waist is one of the best predictors of developing type 2 diabetes.

DHA Helps Stress and Cortisol

Belly fat also releases more inflammatory cytokines and cortisol (the stress hormone) than other types of fat. This sets the stage to put on more abdominal fat. Researchers have come to associate excess cortisol with a fat stomach, which happens to be true. Studies have shown a clear connection between higher levels of cortisol and fat distribution in the midsection.

In a study of women, those who had a waist-to-hip ratio that was considered unhealthy were found to have higher levels of cortisol sixty minutes after a stressful situation. In a second study, the women who reported more chronic stress were found to have higher waist-to-hip ratios. These particular studies support the theory that stress-induced cortisol release leads to fat gain, particularly around the middle.

A Clogged Liver Leads to Belly Fat

Your liver is a main metabolic organ and plays a crucial role in the metabolism of any type of calorie. Once white adipose tissue becomes overloaded with stored fat, it turns to its backup location for fat storage – the liver. Once a fatty liver sets in, your main metabolic organ has been clogged and your waistline expands.

The Five Rules of The Leptin Diet are basic strategies to unclog your liver and address belly fat. DHA can also help by acting like a natural degreasing nutrient that can unclog a fatty liver and slim your waist line. DHA also helps to prevent a fat stomach by reducing circulating triglycerides (fats) that can clog the liver in the first place. Coenzyme pantethine is another helpful nutrient to reduce fatty liver.

If you always seem to gain wait in your belly, it’s in your best interest to increase your intake of DHA fish oil. If your waist size has expanded beyond half your height in inches, supplementing with 1-3 grams of DHA per day is likely to help. This is different than grams of total fish oil, this is the amount of DHA specifically. Look for fish oil in the triglyceride form that is high in DHA and molecularly distilled to remove mercury and other heavy metals.

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