Limonene Promotes Healing of Digestive Lining

Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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Limonene Promotes Healing of Digestive Lining
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Limonene has been in the news this past year as a potent nutrient that can help a wide variety of health issues including digestion, gall bladder health, metabolism of fat, preventing blood sugar damage, relief of anxiety, and anti-cancer properties (especially for breast cancer). The latest study evaluates how limonene helps heal the digestive tract, an issue of high importance for the majority of people in America who suffer from varying degrees of digestive complaints indicating unhealthy wear and tear to their digestive system.

In this animal experiment, gastric ulcers were induced in rats by exposure to acetic acid, an animal model that researchers use to study chronic human ulcers. Limonene supplementation for 14 days induced a variety of healing mechanisms which resulted in a complete cure rate of 56%. The equivalent human dose would be 3,000 mg per day for a 165 pound adult.

The mechanisms of healing were explored at a detailed level. Limonene, compared to controls, induced new blood vessel formation around the injured area by activating vascular endothelial growth factor (a key rejuvenating compound). It also enhanced the production of mucous to protect the GI tract lining from further injury. Under the influence of limonene, the epithelial cells in the healing digestive tissue were better organized and more structurally sound. There were no side effects.

This study supports the reduction of digestive inflammation by limonene that has been reported in previous studies and adds new information by documenting mechanisms of healing activity.

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