Gamma Tocotrienol Weakens and Kills Prostate Cancer Cells

Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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Gamma Tocotrienol Weakens and Kills Prostate Cancer Cells
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Protection of both women's and men's sexual organs is important for survival and quality of life. Previously, I reported on exciting research relating to gamma tocotrienol and breast cancer in my article, Gamma Tocotrienol for Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment. New research now shows that gamma tocotrienol may be quite helpful for prostate cancer prevention and treatment.

Gamma tocotrienol is one of the best nutrients for managing cholesterol because it can help lower cholesterol in a healthy way. Interestingly, this nutrient has a different effect on cholesterol in cancer cells. Cancer cells try to use cholesterol to fortify the cell walls so they are stronger. Gamma tocotrienols can tell the difference between healthy cells and cancer cells and act to crumble the cholesterol structure of the cancer cell, as I explained in an earlier article, Tocotrienols: Twenty Years of Dazzling Cardiovascular and Cancer Research.

The new research demonstrated that prostate cancer cells have a high level of gene activity called Sterol-Regulatory Element Binding Protein isoform 2 (SREBP-2). This gene signal recruits extra cholesterol to the cancer, which is used to make stronger cell membranes. Researchers showed that cancer cell survival was dependent on the SREBP-2 gene doing its job at a high level of function. Then they showed that gamma tocotrienol directly knocks down this gene signal in prostate cancer cells, leading to prostate cancer cell death. The prostate cancer cell destructive activity of tocotrienols does not happen to normal healthy prostate cells, meaning tocotrienols can tell friend from foe and act accordingly.

The implications of this study are profound and will require human studies to demonstrate dose and effectiveness. Nevertheless, the lack of toxicity to human cells means there is very little reason for any man not to use them as part of a plan to prevent or help treat prostate issues. Furthermore, such a nutrient will be supportive of just about any medical treatment. Since gamma tocotrienol weakens cancer cells, those cells are now less resistant to cancer drugs, which has been demonstrated numerous times.

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