Calcium AEP: A Unique Calcium for Nerves

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Calcium AEP: A Unique Calcium for Nerves
Calcium AEP is not just another calcium supplement. Calcium AEP is 10 percent calcium bound to 90 percent Amino Ethanol Phosphate (AEP). It is the AEP part that gives this supplement its unique characteristics. Calcium AEP boasts outstanding benefits for cell membrane health, nerve integrity, mood, and more!

Cell Membranes - Calcium AEP is a unique form of calcium that is particularly helpful for structural integrity of cell membranes. AEP is an important component of the cell membrane, therefore, it supports the structural integrity of cell membranes and helps build the phospholipid layer of the cell. Healthy cell membranes are not only needed for the optimal function of the cell, but also for the synthesis of hyaluronic acid by cell membranes. This is used to promote and sustain physical structure between cells and is vital to healthy body structure.

Nerves - AEP is attracted to nerves throughout the body. Calcium AEP is able to rebuild compromised myelin sheathing of nerves which helps nerves tolerate stress. Myelin, the fatty material that surrounds nerves, acts as an insulator, much like the covering of an electric wire. Stress and various forms of wear and tear take their toll on nerves. Calcium AEP is an extraordinary nerve support nutrient for recovery from daily activities as well as periods of longer-term nerve stress.

Calcium is an electrolyte that provides the energy needed for nerves to maintain normal electrical nerve conduction. A significant loss of the electrical charge of the cell membrane may be catastrophic, especially for the circulatory system, immune system and neuromuscular system. Calcium AEP maintains nerve cell transmission, vital for the electrical communication of cells.

It is the speed and efficiency with which electrical impulses are conducted that permits smooth, rapid, and coordinated movements to be performed with little effort. When this is compromised, chronic conditions occur including Multiple Sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis, diabetic neuropathy and retinopathy, osteoporosis, asthma, emphysema, immune disorders, and chronic pain from migraines, skeletal conditions, and fibromyalgia. By helping to support normal electrical nerve conduction, calcium AEP is able to help these conditions and the chronic pain associated with them.

Mood - Nerve conduction is also very active in the brain. As anxiety increases, inflammation in the brain becomes excessive, making a person feel wound-up like a cat on a hot tin roof. We now know that the nerve cells in this inflamed condition turn off the normal flow of neurotransmitters, leading to anxiety and other mood imbalances. Reducing nerve inflammation to prevent nerves from overheating can prevent many other health problems as nerves impact the regulation of everything in your body.

Calcium AEP is so much more than another calcium supplement. Stress and various forms of wear and tear take their toll on nerves, but calcium AEP is a stellar nerve support nutrient. Anyone under stress or suffering from chronic pain and conditions of the nervous system can benefit from calcium AEP supplementation.

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