Bromelain and Papain Assist Exercise Recovery

Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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Bromelain and Papain Assist Exercise Recovery
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Bromelain and papain1 are natural sources of protease enzymes, unique substances that help “digest” unnecessary protein structures such as inflamed tissue and scar tissue.

One study evaluated bromelain and papain for their ability to reduce inflammation and prevent excessive muscle damage from exercise. The researchers found that these nutrients significantly enhanced muscle performance, while reducing inflammatory markers like COX2 and IL6.

The body makes protease enzymes for its natural housecleaning operations. Unfortunately, the ability to produce these enzymes declines with age. Additionally, the need for protease enzymes is significantly increased with physical injury. I suggest taking bromelain and papain to assist with fitness conditioning and to help prevent an “itis” from developing in the process of trying to improve your health.

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