Ashwaganda Lowers Anxiety & Protects Nerves

Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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Ashwaganda Lowers Anxiety & Protects Nerves
Ashwaganda is a popular Aryuvedic herb with traditional uses for anxiety, nervousness, depression and insomnia, Several new studies help to prove the effectiveness of the traditional use of ashwaganda in support of your nervous system's health.

A randomized trial showed that ashwaganda1 taken at the dose of 300 mg. twice per day was highly effective at reducing anxiety over a 12 week period. Significant benefits were also observed in mental health, concentration, fatigue, social functioning, vitality, and overall quality of life.

In an animal experiment2 a potent neurotoxin that produces such brain damage that it causes Huntington's disease was injected. The rats given ashwaganda experienced a significant reduction in nerve decline. The researchers showed that ashwaganda maintained antioxidant function in the brain as well as protecting the mitocondria of brain cells so that they could keep producing energy normally.

Too much stress, especially when uncomfortable anxious or nervous feelings are felt too often, is a sign of wear and tear top nerves that is sure to speed brain aging and other nerve-related problems. Ashwaganda is an herb that may be able to help.

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