5 Ways to Recover From the Holidays

December 23, 2017 | Wellness Resources

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5 Ways to Recover From the Holidays
Okay so you overdid it this year. Maybe it was too many sweets, alcohol, or too much indulgence put you in a food coma. Where do you go from here? For many, January 1st is a new beginning and a fresh start. Resolve to make these tips part of your New Year’s affirmations this year and get your health back on track again!

1. Jumpstart Your Weight Loss If you have over done it this year, it is likely that your numbers on the scale is rising and feeling your pants feel tighter. There is no better way to get your appetite back under control, clear out fatty sludge and kick start your metabolism than the Jump Start Program which focuses on following the Five Rules of the Leptin Diet and increasing fiber and lean protein.

Crash diets are detrimental to your health as they cause your body to go into “starvation mode”, disrupt hormonal signals, damage your metabolism, and result in yo-yo type weight gain. The Jump-Start Program balances blood sugar and leptin levels so you can take charge of cravings again and get weight loss back on track.

2. Detox For a Fresh Start A build-up of toxins from too much alcohol, poor diet and lack of sleep around the holidays can leave you feeling tired, with extra pounds around the mid-section, sugar cravings, mental fogginess, or sluggish bowels. Sound like you?

Being stricter with your diet and adding some detoxification nutrients can help you break bad habits, cleanse the body, and get back on track. So, grab a friend and follow the 10-Day Detox Plan to improve digestive health, reduce congestion, and clear toxins. Add detoxification nutrients like fiber, silymarin, probiotics and arabinogalactan for extra detoxification support.

3. Boost Gut Health Extra stress, alcohol, and sugar during the holidays can really take its toll on your gut. You might have heard that gut health affects your overall health. It’s true!

About 80% of your immune system is determined by your gut, and its health is crucial for not getting sick. Plus, most of the serotonin our brain uses is actually made in the gut. If the holidays have hit and left you sick in bed and feeling blue, it’s time to fix your gut. Some of the best gut-healing nutrients include L-glutamine, probiotics, DHA fish oil and vitamin D.

4. Heal Your Adrenals The holidays are usually stressful for most. The adrenals are responsible for dealing with stress, but when they are forced to work overtime they can burn out. Signs that your adrenals are running on empty include poor stress tolerance, morning fatigue, lack of fitness, low morning energy, hypoglycemia, belly fat, dizziness upon standing, allergies, sex hormone imbalances, disrupted sleep and/or an unstable mood.

The body can recover from stress with the help of the right nutrients. If you are experiencing symptoms or risk factors of adrenal stress and fatigue then make sure you are getting enough pantethine, vitamin C, and magnesium to help you feel better. Plus, adaptogenic herbs like holy basil, cordyceps, eleuthero, and gamma oryzanol can also help your adrenal glands recover and deal with ongoing stress better.

5. Gear Up Your Exercise Routine Multiple studies have shown that aerobic exercise improves neuroplasticity, insomnia, blood sugar, stiff arteries and fatty liver. Aerobic exercise also decreases belly fat and helps correct leptin problems, big risks to your cardiovascular health. One of the best uses of nutrition is to enhance a person’s ability to perform aerobic exercise and recover from it.

The goal should be to build up to 30-50 minutes of aerobic exercise per day, or longer if you have extra weight to lose. Pantethine, magnesium, Co Q10, hawthorne berry, and astaxanthin are among the best nutrients to support cardiovascular fitness.

If you have gotten off track during the holiday season and possibly given into temptation a few too many times, it is time for a fresh start! Make these 5 tips part of your New Year’s resolutions and turn your health around!

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