5 Sneaky Signs You May Need to Detox

March 12, 2018 | Wellness Resources

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5 Sneaky Signs You May Need to Detox
In our modern world we are constantly exposed to toxins. Too much wear and tear, alcohol, pesticides, living in an urban area, drinking unfiltered water, eating poor quality food and taking multiple medications are examples of how we accumulate toxins. The good news is that the body has a brilliant ability to detoxify itself.

As we fight this battle with our toxic environment, it is important to pay attention to symptoms of our body to know if we are winning or losing. If you notice changes in these basic symptoms, it’s a good idea to increase your support of vital detoxification systems to protect your body and feel your best!

Fatigue/Mental Fogginess – Our primary house cleaning time occurs during sleep. How we feel when we wake up directly points to how well our detoxification systems are running. If you wake up feeling groggy, walk through life with a foggy head, or seem to feel tired all day long this could mean your body’s natural detoxification systems are overloaded from toxin accumulation.

Sinus Congestion or Extra Mucus – Sinus congestion and the sniffles can mean that your lymph system is not flowing the way it should be. Your lympathic system clears toxins from organs to be detoxified. When your lymph is clogged, your body looks for an alternative way to get rid of trash and toxins. Plan B is to make extra mucous out of toxins. Extra mucous in the morning or after a meal is a sure sign of a sluggish lymphatic system.

Weight Loss Plateau – Struggling with underperforming detoxification systems activates backup strategies for dealing with toxic overload. These include expanding the number of fat cells and stuffing them with toxins and extra fat as a buffer to vital organs. As we lose weight and release excess fat from white adipose tissue, we release toxins along with it. Your body may resist the release of these toxins by shutting down metabolism of fat. To help keep fat burning moving, support your front line detoxification strategies while losing weight.

Digestive Distress – People with digestive issues are constantly overworking their liver from toxic byproducts of imbalanced bacteria and Candida issues. Your liver primarily attempts to get rid of trash via your digestive tract by elimination. If constipation occurs, then toxins are free to be reabsorbed, stressing your liver, lymph, and cells over and over. A minimum of one bowel movement a day is necessary for proper toxin elimination.

Inflammatory Skin Problems – Another plan B route for toxin removal is via the pores of the skin, therefore, a common sign of liver overload is inflammatory skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, and eczema. As toxins make their way onto the skin, irritation occurs and damage to the outer layer of skin can occur. It should be noted that skin conditions that only occur above the shoulder area are often due to stagnant lymph.

Before trying any extreme detox program such as a juice fast or liver flush, first consider that your body has the ability to detoxify itself with the help of good nutrition. If you have started to notice any of the above symptoms, you could benefit from basic detoxification support. It is better to keep normal, efficient digestion and detoxification running well to prevent toxic stress. Sometimes, if we get too far behind, we may need a 'jump start' to get ourselves back on track.

Being strict about a good diet for a short period of time and adding some detoxification nutrients can help you break bad habits, cleanse the body, reduce abdominal fat and get back on track. So, grab a friend and start the 10 Day Detox to clear toxins and start feeling better!

Nutritional Options

Silymarin/Milk Thistle – Silymarin is used around the world to treat liver disease, acute poisoning and alcohol-related liver damage. It protects the liver cells from becoming damaged by toxins by boosting antioxidant enzyme activity in the liver and preventing toxic compounds from entering liver cells. It also reduces liver inflammation, making it especially helpful for those with alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. Gentle enough to be used to everyday.

Probiotics – Probiotics that help to nourish the intestinal tract, thereby supporting healthy digestion. These super strains of friendly bacteria help to promote a more normal intestinal environment. This helps to reduce the toxic burden in your GI tract as well as reducing unpleasant gas or bloating.

– Fiber is a general toxin absorbing substance and keeps the bowels moving regularly. Adequate fiber is needed to help liver, digestion, cholesterol, and bile work in a healthy manner. Most Americans get only 10-12 grams of fiber per day, but we may need up to 30-50 grams of fiber per day for optimal health.

 – Arabinogalactan helps clear lymph congestion. When your lymph system backs up in the upper regions of your body it is a sign of "internal constipation" that really slows down proper detoxification. Keeping your lymph moving well is of vital importance to normal detoxification processes. Take before bed and in the morning – up to four times a day if needed.

Cleansing Herbs 
 – Laxative herbs are used for moving the bowels and cleaning toxic waste from the GI tract to avoid toxin reabsorption. Works well with fiber. 

D-Limonene – d-Limonene is a natural oil found in orange peels. It supports digestive health, detoxification, gallbladder health, metabolism, and immune health.

Digestive Enzymes – Many people lack necessary digetive enzymes to properly breakdown and digest food. Optimizing digestion is a sure way to improve toxin removal and prevent reabsorption.

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