10-Day Detox

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10-Day Detox
Have you noticed feeling more tired lately, extra pounds around the mid-section, sugar cravings, mental fogginess, or sluggish bowels? Although efficient digestion and detoxification are important on a regular basis, sometimes we need a 'jump start' to get on track. Perhaps you know what you should be doing, but just need the motivation to make some changes.

Being more strict with your diet for a short period and adding some detoxification nutrients can help you break bad habits, cleanse the body, and get back on track. So, grab a friend and follow this plan for ten days to improve digestive health, reduce congestion, clear fats and toxins, and feel better!
Here is the core plan:

  • Eat three meals per day; no snacking. (Follow the 5 Rules of The Leptin Diet.)

  • Drink a Daily Protein smoothie with fiber for breakfast (and lunch if desired).

  • Eat organic foods and grass-fed meats. Avoid chemicals and pesticides.

  • Eat a variety of organic vegetables, lean meats, legumes, berries, omega oils, oatmeal, quinoa. Cook with oregano, basil, spices, and coconut and olive oils.

  • Avoid sweeteners of any kind, alcohol, processed foods, refined grains, fried fats, trans fats, soy, and vegetable oils.

  • Limit or cut out dairy, gluten (bread, pasta, flour), caffeine, high-glycemic index foods.

  • Drink at least twelve 8-ounce glasses of water per day.

  • Get daily, refreshing exercise. Get your blood flowing and sweat out the toxins!

  • Core Supplements: Daily Balancer (6 per day), Super Dophilus (6 per day), Fiber Helper or LeptiFiber (1 tablespoon with each meal).

  • Add-On Supplements: Digestive Helper, d-Limonene, Motility Helper, Immune Plus.

The nice thing about these guidelines is that after the first couple of days, they become quite easy to follow. You may feel so great once the ten days is up that you’ll want to incorporate these principals into your regular lifestyle!

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