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Best Multivitamin

Wellness Resources® Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin was originally designed to help people who had little or no energy. This multivitamin truly helps turn on energy production. Part of our secret is using all coenzyme forms of B vitamins, which are the actual type of B vitamins your cells use to make energy. Ordinary B vitamin supplements or B vitamins in foods must have energy donated to them to make them biologically active, a process known as phosphorylation. This may not work well if you are already tired. When you take Wellness Resources coenzyme B vitamins you are taking a "preenergized" dietary supplement, this is the difference you can really feel.*

Besides using the best forms of the B vitamins, we also put enough of them in our multivitamin to actually help you. Vitamin B12, for example, is always the most expensive B vitamin in any multivitamin. It is little wonder most companies hardly use any (doses of 6 mcg to 25 mcg are common in low quality vitamins). One capsule of Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin, gives you 266 mcg, ten times the amount found in most multivitamins!

Why the need for high quality B12? Vitamin B12 is vital for your nerves, brain, and your ability to tolerate stress.*

Not only does the Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin provide B12 in the right amount, but it also provides the right forms of B12. This multivitamin includes the coenzyme forms of B12 called adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin. The coenzyme forms are a significant quality difference. Cheap supplements always contain cyanocobalamin, because they are made by companies who do not prize your health. Cyanocobalamin is not a coenzyme form of B12. In fact, as this type of B12 is metabolized it actually produces cyanide! Then your body has to spend energy to neutralize the cyanide. How much cyanide do you want to take? Why take any? If the B12 in your multivitamin or B complex is from cyanocobalamin, throw it in the trash where it belongs.*

Another reason for the energy producing ability of Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin is that we attach our minerals to special energy producing compounds like malic acid. This helps the minerals absorb better and helps transport them into cells. Malic acid is needed by cells to make energy; if you don't have enough, you are likely to get fatigued easily.*

There is no multivitamin on the market today that compares to Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin. It can boost your mood, help you tolerate stress, and keep you energized. Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin is our core essential supplement for everyone.*

  • Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin
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    Feel energized with the highest quality multiple vitamin for your health! Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin contains superior quality coenzyme B vitamins that your body can readily use for energy and stress tolerance.* Experience the difference a true quality multiple vitamin can make for you!

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  • Daily Prenatal Multi Vitamin
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    Complete prenatal multivitamin. A foundation of superior quality nutrients to support preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum health.*

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  • Super Mini-Multi
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    The highest quality children's multivitamin on the market. Provides important nutrients for growth and the highest quality forms of essential nutrients.*

    92 120 capsules $25.00 $18.75
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