Women Over Age 50 Need 1 Hour Per Day of Exercise

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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A large Harvard study1 shows than women over age 50 who average 60 minutes a day of moderate-intensity activity (such as walking) were able to maintain a healthy weight over a 13 year period.

Exercise alone was not enough for women who started the study already overweight, indicating that dietary changes and other metabolic enhancement would be needed in addition to exercise to effect weight loss or prevent weight gain.

This is significantly higher than the 150 minutes per week recommended by the federal government.  The study has been met with chagrin by many women wondering where they will find time for even more exercise.  Prioritizing consistent exercise is difficult for many.  However, our bodies are made to be used.  This is clearly a case of use it or lose it. 

Referenced Studies:
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