Vitamin K Prevents Weight Gain in Post-Menopausal Women

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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Many women have found that gaining weight is a problem after menopause. A new study shows that supplemental vitamin K can prevent weight gain during this time.

Osteocalcin is a protein produced in your bones by your bone-building osteoblasts. Osteocalcin must be made biologically active (carboxylated), which requires vitamin K.  On the one hand, this is required for healthy bone building. On the other hand, osteocalcin is also released from your bones into your circulation, wherein it behaves like a hormone associated with blood sugar metabolism. 

The drop in estrogen that occurs following menopause is a “bone jolt.” It disturbs osteocalcin production and activation. It appears that this is an important reason for post-menopausal weight gain.

The researchers also demonstrated that adequate vitamin K was associated with better body weight and less abdominal fat in younger adults. This means it is an important issue in overall metabolic health for anyone. However, due to the “bone jolt” of menopause, it takes on specific importance in the post-menopausal weight gain problem.

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