Multivitamins Boost Weight Loss and Cardio Health in Overweight Children

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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A new study shows that adding a multivitamin to better eating and exercise causes significant improvement in metabolic health, compared to better eating and exercise alone.

The study showed that over a four month period the children who took a multivitamin had significantly lower triglycerides (fat blobs) in their circulation than those with diet and exercise or the control group. Furthermore, measurements of blood flow and arterial health were much better in the children who took multivitamins.

Many micronutrients are vital to the healthy function of metabolism. It isn’t enough just to get children eating better and exercising more. This study shows that a multivitamin is the minimum of extra nutrient support that can help improve metabolism and cardiovascular risk factors, helping prevent children from sliding down a slippery health slope. 

In the study, children were placed in three groups. Those in group A took a multivitamin and had lifestyle counseling. Children in group B were given lifestyle counseling, and those in group C were the control group. Children in groups A and B who had lifestyle counseling showed significant reduction in inactivity, energy and fat intakes and increase in micronutrient density of diets and physical activity in comparison to those in group C.

Percent decline in body fat was more in group A than in groups B and C. Percent change in triglycerides (-13.7 percent) was significantly higher in group A than in groups B (-5.9 percent) and C (5.7 percent). Pulse wave velocity and elasticity modulus reduced and arterial compliance improved significantly in group A than in group B.

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