Living by Fast Food is Dangerous to Your health

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

The data is now in and it is not good for the junk food industry.  The more fast food and convenience store outlets in your neighborhood the more likely you are to be obese and diabetic.  The study, Designed for Disease: the Link Between Local Food Environments and Obesity and Diabetes, was conducted in California but certainly applies though out U.S.

Of course the junk food industry will argue that people have “choices” and it is not their fault.  All the while they pour their neurostimulant addictive chemicals into their foods to create their “brand flavor.”  The FDA has allowed this trick of addiction for the past 100 years – ever since the agency was taken over by the various junk food processors who have adulterated our food supply and ruined the health of a nation.

This issue is not about choice – it’s about the blatant destruction of our food supply and creating generations of food addicts who have no correct perception of an appropriate meal size because their perception of a proper meal has been destroyed by the junk food industry.

Any state wishing to cut their health care costs should limit the number of junk food outlets to fewer than the number of grocery stores in any given metropolitan area.  At the same time it should become a mandatory part of education that all children learn in school how to cook food from scratch.  The Slow Food movement that is now catching on in Europe must make its way into the U.S. before it is too late.

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