Higher Protein Intake Lowers Blood Pressure in Overweight Adults

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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Once individuals begin to gain weight, their cardiovascular systems are placed into a situation of ongoing inflammatory distress that eventually results in blood pressure elevating.  A new study makes it clear that an increase in dietary protein can have a huge benefit on reversing this trend, helping to lower blood pressure.

Many overweight people actually eat plenty of protein along with a lot of other junk calories, which will obviously not lower blood pressure due to the excess consumption of calories in general.  In this randomized, double-blind study participants consumed 60 grams of protein shakes compared to 60 grams of carbohydrate shakes per day as part of their diet.  The participants were all overweight and had untreated elevated blood pressure.  Four weeks of the additional protein enabled participants to lower their blood pressure significantly, which did not happen in the carbohydrate group.

All calories are not the same.  Adequate protein without other junk in the diet is vital for metabolism to work properly, especially getting higher protein intake at breakfast.  I have previously reviewed the science on this issue in my in-depth article, Dairy, and Especially Whey, are Cardio Friendly Foods.  Whey protein has been shown to lower inflammation, boost adiponectin (reducing insulin resistance), help weight loss, and lower blood pressure.

Our government insists that all calories are the same and bases public health policy on a flagrant lack of understanding of metabolic efficiency.  It is little wonder that the obesity epidemic has occurred on the watch of federal officials telling people to eat like a pyramid, apparently so they could also look that way. 

If you want to start your metabolic engines, have a high protein breakfast.

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