Green Tea Supplements Boost Antioxidant Status in Overweight Adults with Metabolic Syndrome

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Being overweight depletes antioxidants at a faster rate, and exposes a person to potential health problems.  Progression of these problems is reflected by the metabolic syndrome, which is a serious risk factor condition for disease.  Restoring the antioxidant status in this problematic scenario is a vital health goal.  It helps steer metabolic processes back in the right direction.  Green tea supplements have now been proven to help.

Obese patients with the metabolic syndrome consumed two capsules of green tea extract per day for eight weeks.  Green tea boosted overall antioxidant status compared to control patients, elevating antioxidant enzyme systems (glutathione peroxidase, glutathione, catalase) as well as the whole blood concentration of glutathione.

The rate of tissue damage from a poor metabolic condition, as well as the risk for disease, is directly associated with depletion of antioxidants.  The metabolic inefficiency of the overweight condition, especially when the factors of the metabolic syndrome are present, indicates that antioxidants are in a significant state of depletion due to the metabolic stressors.

A person should always have a core antioxidant team, since antioxidants are highly synergistic and help to recycle each other.  In addition, an antioxidant like green tea can truly help replenish this depleted defense system and protect health while a person gets into a better metabolic condition.  Green tea also helps improve fat metabolism in a variety of ways.  This means it can also help weight loss while protecting health.

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