Grape Seed Extract Protects Kidneys from High Fat Diet

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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One of the main problems associated with gaining weight is that fat accumulates in all the wrong places. Common examples include fatty liver and fatty arteries. The kidneys are also punched in the nose by the stress of being overweight.  The improper accumulation of fat in their structure clogs function and causes free radical damage. Impaired kidney function is often the primary reason for elevating blood pressure. A new animal study shows that grape seed extract can help protect the kidneys from the damage caused by a high fat diet.

The study showed that grape seed extract partially inhibited fat from being deposited in the kidneys. It also significantly protected the kidneys from free radical damage, thus preventing the development of “leaky kidneys,” where too many valuable nutrients are lost in the urine because the kidneys are too stressed to filter the blood properly. 

The bottom line is that grape seed extract offers significant protection for kidney health.

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