Fiber, Fish Oil & Exercise Boost Adiponectin

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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Adiponectin, like leptin, is a hormone secreted from your white adipose tissue. It is a powerful hormone that regulates insulin function and reduces inflammation in your circulatory system. As your weight goes up your adiponectin goes down, making you more at risk for insulin resistance, continued weight gain, risk for type 2 diabetes, and increased amounts of cardiovascular inflammation. While a variety of nutrients have been shown to support healthy levels of adiponectin, a new study points out that the basics of increased fiber, fish oil intake, and regular exercise all help raise your adiponectin levels. 

A review of the scientific literature regarding the influence of diet on adiponectin levels showed that Daily intake of fish or omega-3 supplementation increased adiponectin levels by 14 to 60 percent. Weight loss achieved with a low-calorie diet plus exercise increased adiponectin levels in the range of 18 to 48 percent. A 60 to 115 percent increase in adiponectin levels was obtained with fiber supplementation.

When a person is healthy leptin and adiponectin levels rise and fall together, in harmony, as reflected by healthy metabolism. As a person gains weight then leptin levels rise inappropriately (leptin resistance) and adiponectin levels fall. Low adiponectin is a nightmare for your body, causing multiple health problems that lock each other into place and progressively worsen over time leading to disease.

The simple fact that basic nutrition such as DHA fish oil and fiber, along with exercise and watching your diet can undo this horrid state of affairs is very good news for anyone.

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