DHA Supplementation Improves Cholesterol Quality

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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Overweight individuals typically have problems with excess fat blobs (triglycerides) and elevated cholesterol. A new study shows that DHA1 lowers triglycerides and improves the quality of both LDL and HDL.

This study is interesting in part because no attempt was made to help the participants lose weight. In the overweight condition, excess triglycerides cause leptin resistance as well as gumming up LDL and HDL cholesterol, reducing their functional quality, creating a higher risk for heart disease progression. This study demonstrated that DHA could change the health of HDL and LDL to a higher quality even in the presence of being overweight.

I should point out, the process of weight loss improves the quality of many issues relating to heart disease. Clearly, the benefits of DHA in terms of helping weight loss and cardiovascular benefits, will be greater if weight loss occurs at the same time it is being taken. This study shows, it is even protective for the person who is stuck in a weight rut.

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